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Splitting Off-topic?

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Right now, Off-topic is a bit of a mess. Based on what "off topic" boards on other forums look like, one would expect it to contain random discussions of anime, movies, sports, etc. Instead I see things like "what do you masturbate to", roleplaying allegations, flamewars, oversized images, and the occasional tulpa thread that was judged to be too silly to go in General Discussion.


I propose clarifying the purpose of Off-topic, and creating a separate "anything goes" board in that section. Off-topic would be clarified to be non-tulpa-related discussion, but strictly worksafe and with some modicum of decency. NSFW material and flamefests would go in the new board, and anything really tulpa-related would go in General Discussion.


The "anything goes"/NSFW board could have a checkbox in profile options to show/hide it. That way, unless a user checks that, the site remains fairly worksafe.

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Seems arbitrary. My policy is to keep things as together as possible; having more boards than necessary can bring problems.

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Many forums I visit have the separate off topic board that is a bit more hidden then the general one. It's often used as the place to send threads that are obviously interesting a lot of users and yet are not quite forum-friendly. Things where nasty debates come in where flame wars can start to happen all too quickly, yet no one wants the thread deleted because everyone wants a say in the argument. Generally called "quarantine room" or something similar.


But either way, the off topic board needs to be more work safe I think. I don't think 'off topic' should necessarily just be the place to go for inappropriate content and trolling.



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Guest Albatross_

I don't think 'off topic' should necessarily just be the place to go for inappropriate content and trolling.


And why not? That's why it's called "off-topic".


Edit: rainbow removed -mod

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On a forum I administrate, we have a serious off-topic board and "Spamalot". Stupider, spammier things not relating to the site's general theme go in Spamalot, while serious stuff goes in the regular off-topic forum. I like it, and it works well.

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I don't see why you would even want those kind of threads on the forum anyway, but hey, each to their own. I'd suggest changing "This board is usually unmoderated and uncontrolled; enter at your own risk." to "This board is actively moderated and controlled; have fun."



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I don't object to a spam/troll/NSFW part of Off-topic, maybe we should make a poll or something?

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I'd prefer Off-topic be kept together since it's not like the forum is hugely active, heck there's threads that haven't been posted on since Sunday still up on the front page, it'd just lead to extra clicks. If you don't want to read a NSFW thread then just don't click on those ones, you can usually tell by the title.

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