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Imposition and beyond


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Hello, everyone. I'll be logging our practice and progress with imposition here. As a brief introduction, I'm Yuka and I'm here with my two tulpas, Aya and Ruki. I've been wanted to work actively on imposition for some time now, but I struggled to make the time and put in the effort. I would get hyped up, spend some time and then peter off and stop. I'd try to do a session and find myself unbearably restless and bored. I think I've found a solution to the problem... I think if I approach imposition like meditation, then something like boredom or distraction just becomes a "time to refocus" moment instead of an excuse to stop. I have a number of methods I'll be using, outlined below.


Static and visual snow
: As a way to start seeing things in space, I started by looking at static (https://www.shadertoy.com/view/XlXcW4), and would pick out lines and shapes. Lines and balls of swirling static are easy to pick out. With practice I could rotate lines, create wide tubes receding into the "distance" and other various shapes. After doing this for a while I was able to do the same with the visual snow I see with closed eyes or on a blank background. I was able to project a transparent outline of a figure from the shoulders up and rotate this.


Blindfolded sight: In which I cover my eyes with a blackout sleep mask or close my eyes, and try to see irl objects such as my hands, pens, or imaginary objects. I try to track the objects in 3 dimensions. This can piggy back off of the static work, using a static bar for the pen, which I then move around to match the movement of the real pen.

VR or visual references: I made tulpa forms in VRoid and uploaded the .glb files to Gravity Sketch as a basic setting to view the models at life size. The non VR way, is just view and rotate the 3d models or look closely at 2d images of tulpa forms.

Air sculpting: Q2's huggable tulpa guide. Place tulpa form in irl space and view them, visualize them, pat them down, walk around them while viewing from different angles. 

Overlay Visualization: I visualize a tulpa (letting them control themselves) in irl space, and try to see them there in detail. I'll watch them do whatever they decide to do, chat with them while doing so if I want. Keeps things more fun that way.

Combining methods: I can get an synergy from combining these in strategic ways, such as viewing a 3D model in VR, then removing the headset, closing my eyes and air sculpting. Then do air sculpting with eyes open. Another good combination is blindfolded sight followed by air sculpting. 

Links and resources:
Q2's imposition guide v2

mposition mailbox exercise

Malfael's imposition guide

presence imposition

Vos's post on imposition

AphantasiaMeow's mega guide, prophantasia sections

Advanced vision control guide
Subreddit with info on prophantasia and related
The Mind Illuminated - a book on meditation, an audiobook may or may not be available on youtube 

Host: YukariTelepath

Tulpas: Aya, Ruki


Imposition log

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Yuka finally makes a progress report? I must be dreaming.


11 hours ago, YukariTelepath said:

I think I've found a solution to the problem... I think if I approach imposition like meditation, then something like boredom or distraction just becomes a "time to refocus" moment instead of an excuse to stop.

This is proper habit building 101. You're on the right path, Yuka.


Thanks for coming onto here and deciding to document your progress, I'm happy for you. Godspeed to your imposition endeavors!

D-prime is shrinking as we speak.

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