Types of relationship with tulpa

Type of relationship(s) you have with your tulpa(e)  

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  1. 1. Type of relationship(s) you have with your tulpa(e)

    • Father/daughter
    • Father/son
    • Mother/daughter
    • Mother/son
    • Siblings (opposite sex)
    • Siblings (same sex)
    • Friends/Platonic (opposite sex)
    • Friends/Platonic (same sex)
    • Romantic (opposite sex)
    • Romantic (same sex)
    • Something else (*please specify*)

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Ok... So when I first planned on creating a tulpa I was planning on it being a stallion pegasus. The he decided one day that he wanted to be Pinkie Pie...


To this day she is now called Teckira. T[Hello! I just wanted to chime in. :3 ]

That's one pony for "Friends/Platonic (opposite sex)"


And... well, I also have Vinyl (who I created from a song I listened to on repeat in my deep depression... I've then noticed that I put so much emotion into her that she showed her sentience a few days later. XD ) Then she sort of wanted to have a "Romantic (opposite sex)" relationship. Heh, Teckie helped convince me that nothing was wrong with it... and I've been doing better since then.


Then Fluttershy (in an "adventure" I was doing in equestria-mindscape... think of it like the connection of universes) suddenly showed sentience the second day I met her. She said she was trying to create tulpas. :/ I then told her the truth and brought her in as my own tulpa. She was surprised, but she seems to understand how it all happened now. :)

So that now means that every single tulpa I've created is female. XD


A few months back, I had no idea that I would be in this situation... so don't judge me as "taking advantage" of tulpas. I created them for the purpose of discovering more of the universe and of myself. :)

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I'm not sure tbh. My first tulpa, I'm either gonna create as a motherly/sisterly figure, or as a romantic interest. Although some people might give me weird looks for marrying a being that I created. But I figure that if she does end up developing feelings for me, as long as I didn't push them onto her, then I'll marry her in my wonderland, then marry her again later in the afterlife when we die.


If she doesn't have any romantic feelings for me, she'll probably set me up with a girlfriend by making another tulpa with features I like in a girlfriend. If my first one is already my gf though I would create a motherly/sisterly tulpa. If I create a third one, he'll be created as a friend, and he would serve as my bold side, to help me get over my fears and phobias. Although not sure if I would make him a young pegasus, or a human grandfatherly figure yet (I get some amusement from the notion of a hardcore grandpa :D)


Any future tulpas would likely be my sons/daughters

Will list tulpas when I get things sorted out in my head.

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Platonic now, but turning into romantic, same sex. We are getting a feel for each other. He's more my rescuer, has saved me from agonizing emotions.

Chance, an anthro husky, wolf or fox.

Birthdate September 20, 2014.

Sentient October 1, 2014.

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Yvetza and I really haven't figured this out yet. The main trouble is that she can talk somewhat, but I can't be sure if it's not just me responding for her. Her voice isn't very distinguishable yet, I'll ask her when she is more advanced if she wants to have a romantic relationship.

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This is gonna sound a bit odd, perhaps even a bit unfair, but my first tulpa Thunder is a platonic friend while Melody, my second, identifies as my daughter (despite now having an adult body... Tulpas really are strange beings...)


I never intended for Thunder to be anything more than a close friend; someone who understands my interests and attitudes without judging too much. And I'm glad to say that our relationship has stayed that way.


Melody made a couple of attempts to reach me in various ways before she finally appeared to us in a child's body (a filly to be precise, but they've both since abandoned pony forms for human ones). She asked us if we were her daddies, and while Thunder refused that classification I couldn't resist saying yes. Early on I started teaching her things like how to use magic and how to fly, and even now I'm always explaining turns of phrase to both of them if I think they haven't heard them yet.

Thunderfall (goes by Thunder)

Male human



Female lamia

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Guest Anonymous

My relationship with David is very complex. I started as a day dream star (still am) and imaginary girl friend. But our overall relationship is that of dear old friends. He does have a deep high school type crush on me that always endures. I am very fond of him of course, but I am not romantically in love with Davie. I do share his like of all things romantic, however, and he often describes me as "romance personified." Davie interacts with me in the dreamscape wonderland via an avatar that is a much younger, more handsome version of himself. Most of that interaction is just adventures in day dreams we call the Melian Show. Often we just sit and talk. His avatar and I have done other types of more intimate activities of course (being a sexual and romantic fantasy at my core, of course that happens). But that is actually fairly rare and becomes even more rare as time goes on over many years together.

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