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The Problem With Cocreation Innovation


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  I use cobud for tulpa and cocreation for tulpamancy

On the #Redditulpas Discord server, I saw some discussion on if the quality of cocreation discussion has deteriorated.


Here are the relevant parts:



Harvey ˗ˏˋM&M´ˎ˗


So now I'm wondering: If the subreddit is declining, .Info's being .Info, and more and more places are disregarding tulpamancy language, how's the state of the practice compared to...say, six years ago? Declining, or not?


Keys | Fantasia


Define "declining"?
I admit the state of the subreddit has been stale for quite a while now, the usual problem being "It's always the same questions" and nothing new to bring to the table of discussions, but this has been going for a very long time


Ranger | Sys. Corp.


I know Ringgggg (on the .info forums) is enthusiastic about spearheading some cocreation progress. There may be pockets of people like this.

I have mixed feelings about cocreation, it's complicated


Harvey ˗ˏˋM&M´ˎ˗


> Define "declining"?
I admit the state of the subreddit has been stale for quite a while now, the usu…


Going to bed, will reply in the morning:

I define "decline" in terms of both the quality of the content currently circulated and quantity of newcomers genuinely invested in the process.


> I know Ringgggg (on the .info forums) is enthusiastic about spearheading some cocreation progress. T…


If the quality of the content being posted is dry and unproductive, and we aren't getting new people interested in making tulpas long-term, then I see it as a decline.
Honestly shocked .Info has any activity aside from LOTPW










I need to help unpack the Christmas tree, I'll finish the Discord transcription later (or if I forget than I won't and you will be stuck knowing this fun fact forever)


This isn't a new discussion by any means on the forums:

(2012) The Way I See It

(2015) As things are, .info will die. Here's what we can do to reverse it.

(2016) Help Vampires

(2020) Imagistic vs. doctrinal concepts in tulpa creation


I proposed my own take, and then nobody replied to it. In case nobody saw it, I'm re-posting it here:



I don't think the problem is help vampires. Yes, people are annoyed by them, but even without help vampires people seldom bring up new ideas. And while fresh people can inspire fresh ideas, it's rare even for beginners to bring up new ideas.


I suspect there are two things going on:


One, people don't feel like they can innovate cocreation. I can jot down the common vocality advice I remember as a bulleted list. Go read q2's guide on imposition. Keep trying to front or fake it until you make it. I suspect people feel like everything is figured out, so why try?


So you notice your friend talking to their cobud with headpressures, but you heard about emotional bleed. Can emotional bleed and headpressures go together? Can emotions cause head pressures? Suddenly, something mundane can become interesting to think about, and possibly lead to innovation.


Some tips: Make up a scenario like I just did and run with it is one way to go about it. Another way is to think about something typical and add a twist. It's switching visual struggles but the concept of 3d visualization is not an option, how do you visualize a switch? I want to impose touch but what if it's something you never touched before, how do you do it?


Two, if people do want to bring up new ideas, they fear being ridiculed or rejected in some way. I have received disapproval from many people because they say I overcomplicate things (they're not wrong), but I don't care and if I want to I'll share anyway. I remember at least two people by name who reported they made more progress on their own than by sharing their ideas with others. It's like a resistance to new ideas because the old ones work just fine. It doesn't help that people want universal cocreation when in reality that doesn't exist, so people will dissaprove of your idea just because it doesn't work for them.

Ebrace the unimagined and unhinged. It's okay if you're the weirdo who spews some crazy shit at 3 am and accidentally comes up with guide material.


I'm curious what people's thoughts are

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Totally agree with your first point, Ranger. Obviously I can only speak for myself, but I have definitely felt that there aren’t a lot of new ideas I can contribute to the discussion of this practice. Other people’s progress reports have been very interesting and helpful to me, so I throw my thoughts out there in the hope that my experience will be useful to someone. I think you're right that few people are pushing boundaries because they don’t know where to push.


Also completely agree that there is no universal right answer to any questions regarding this process. Everyone's experience is unique, and there's never a single right answer. Every time someone new contributes their point of view is a win.


I don’t know what a good solution would be, except to encourage new people to keep asking questions and sharing their experiences. Even if it’s a question that’s been asked 100 times before, this could be the time that someone new provides an innovative answer. I think this forum's pretty good about this, but I'm not present on any other tulpa-related communities, so I have no frame of reference for statements like ".info's being .info" or how it compares to discord/reddit/etc.

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