How do you meditate?

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So im planning to start my tulpa at least by the end of this week and I need to know how exactly do you focus on it or meditate? Also when doing this should I listen to music or maybe white noise? I might ask more questions later if they arise.

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I can't really explain how focusing on it works it depends on your preferrences but I'll give you this advice : Complete silence works best. No exterior distraction. I've tried music, white noise, I even tried doing it in the forest with only natural sounds, alas, I found complete silence to be perfect. And if you don't mind it, you could do it in complete darkness aswell. Simplifying your means to whatever end you wish to reach, at least in this case, helps alot with knowing when you progress.


Feel free to try out any other method and find what's best for you. You take in info and model it to your whim.

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I also agree that silence is best. but it may not be for everyone. Or it simply cannot be achieved by everyone.


White noises is the next best thing if your surrounds are noisy.

and some Tones can actually help you focus




This Thread has a few download links, to sound files of specific frequencies that

may help you focus and relax, and most importantly Meditate.

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