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This thread is long. Yeesh, sorry, I didn't mean for a full blown philosophy discussion, I just brought it up because the whole concept of belief in tulpae. I literally asked us not to argue about it in my post. My whole thing about "creating and stating your theory", I meant as for future reference on other subjects, and it was addressing how I felt rudely replied to.

Lolimancer & Koji - I really don't think that's how it works either, I was just saying it was a possibility, and the nature of this post brought it to my mind.

PsychedelicDiamond - I've read 1984 five times. Doublethink isn't merely a tool for a oppression, it's a tool for control. O'Brien, in Winston's torture session, directly said that doublethink was a kind of "collective solipsism". It's an idea about control of the mind, and thus generating control over reality, and thus making it completely impossible to challenge without making yourself look insane in the process.

But anyways, like I said, arguments about the theory of solipsism are LITERALLY the most pointless arguments ever. More than even politics or religion. They always lead to absolutely nowhere. That's why I asked us not to. If the subject is important enough to you, I guess you can PM me or something.

We is a lovin' community here at Tulpa.info, and we have to make our newcomers feel welcome <3

Tulpa: Liviana (Colgate)

Form: Pony (My avatar)

Progress: Imposed

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OldDrunkBastard, this is somewhat off topic, but I recently saw a YouTube video in which the poster claimed to be playing Portal 2 with a host who was possessed by their tulpa (named Colgate). Was this you, by chance?


That was probablt Netflix. Colgate is a pony, OldDrunkBastard's tulpa has the form, Netflix's has the name too.


I think

My opinions are all subject to change.

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