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Lumi's Progress & Future Tulpas !!


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Hello everyone! I have not made an appearance here in a hot minute TwT I don't use the site all that much but I've come back with some fun news :3 !


In the past two or three days I've been thinking and designing three new Tulpas! I know it sounds like a lot to tackle at once so I'll take it one step at a time :) But what made me decide this is that I feel like Lumi could interact with other people more, specifically people more like him! So I decided to make a little Clown/Jester family for him :] I don't talk to Lumi every day so I kinda feel bad, so I thought it'd be cool if he had his own little crew which we could hang out with <3 I told him the news last night and he got excited! I think that this will be a great experience for us. 


Our first Tulpa I'll be making will be Azar! His theme is fire and punk, he's a part demon and human. He's very confident and super cool! He's 200 years old as a demon but as a human, he is 30, I don't think I'd want that to change unless dae wanted it to :0 Each clown buddy has a theme :3 Next is Bubbles! She's our Lesbian water/bubbly-themed clown who loves kids and is 20 years old :] She is part clownfish I'm a genius LMAO, anyway TwT she will be like our big sister and Azar is like our fun uncle :] Lastly, our youngest Tulpa--being 13 years old--is Buttercup! He is adorable and his theme is flowers/sunshine and smiles, he's part golden retriever and unlike Azar and Bubbles he is more of a Jester like Lumi :P He'd be like the baby brother of the group, super adorable he is! ^w^


Lumi hasn't formed completely yet, but we have had a lot of fun together and I love spending time with him so much =^o^= ! Overall I think they will all love each other as much as I already love them and shall get along swell <3


Have a splendid day/night everyone <3! Thank you for taking the time to read my ramble and stay safe!!


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