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Gender of Maker vs Gender of Tulpa

Your Gender, Your Tulpa's Gender  

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  1. 1. Your Gender, Your Tulpa's Gender

    • Male, Male
    • Male, Female
    • Male, Nonsex
    • Female, Male
    • Female, Female
    • Female, Nonsex
    • Nonsex, Male
    • Nonsex, Female
    • Nonsex, Nonsex

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Why should anybody here care whether you're "hetero" or "homo" or "something else"? You're awfully defensive about your sexuality... Are you sure you're not living in the Narnia inside your closet?





(Remember: on the internet, nobody knows you're a dog. Or cares!)

You don't know how much I laughed at that comment.


Anyway if everyone on the internet thought in that manner they wouldn't have even bothered to set up the poll at the top of your screen.

I thought I was on 'tulpa.info' a site where we are slightly more professional about our identity not 'Youtube'






''I mold my imagination as if it were clay''.

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hbenton, you're missing the point, sometimes it's about investigating whether more opposite-sex people make tulpas they're attracted to etc

My lip hurts.

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Ah, Yori.... At last, we butt heads! If you would read my post, and use that little bit 'o grey matter between your ears, you would have realized that my comment was more concerning the absurdity of loudly announcing that you (the "you" referred to in this case not being Yori specifically but rather the author of post I'm commenting about) and your tulpa (again, not necessarily Yori's tulpa) have a really bad case of the NOT-GAYS something fierce on a more-or-less anonymous forum, and not about what you're attracted to. Also, did you even read the poll? The word "attracted" (and all synonyms for it) are absent entirely absent for fifteen posts. But why am I even wasting time arguing with you, when you don't even care enough to articulate your thoughts beyond "etc"?




Anyway if everyone on the internet thought in that manner they wouldn't have even bothered to set up the poll at the top of your screen.

I thought I was on 'tulpa.info' a site where we are slightly more professional about our identity not 'Youtube'

Because loudly announcing that you and your tulpa are straight is the epitome of professional, no? Especially since the majority of the thread up till that point was discussing sex (what you've got between your legs) and gender (whether you identify as male or female or something in between, or else entirely [damn you special snowflake types!]), and not about sexual orientation (Do you prefer the company of men? Women? How about both? What about about none? How about something impossible and fantastical, like 2-d MLP prego-futa-loli-scat-vore with an giant six foot phalli flapping around like helicopters and strawberry sprinkles on top?).


I guess I'm just trying to point out how rude it is to announce your sexual proclivities unsolicited, and especially in such a way as to imply that any contrary preferences are wrong or undesirable. It's not just mildly offensive, it's immature and close-minded to junior high levels. I mean, just look at it:

(before anyone says it were both hetero)



I am reminded of a group 11 year olds smoking in their tree house and calling each other gay because it's so cool and edgy when they see this.

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What the hell is happening in this thread?


I get that someone may have been a mite tetchy and reflexively defensive about the possibility of another person perceiving them as gay. Let's be realistic: It happens. And whether we'd like it or not, homosexuality is still an unfortunate taboo in western culture. None of the previous posts warranted shit-slinging and slander. But now, what at least I thought was a valuable thread is being sullied by an unconscionable pissing contest.


Please stop, take it outside, or at least tone it down to a dull roar.

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What Envolucris said

Remember the Gold and Silver rules, folks

Me: Hey, say something for this thread!

Koharu: Yay, cupcakes!

mfw there are no cupcakes. Sentience? Yes. Brilliance? Ehh...

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Male, going with female here, and after reading a quick description, the anima reason seems to fit with me the most.

My Gaming Channel


Tulpa: Vinyl

Stage: A bit of everything, primarily right now imposition.

Appearance: Pony (originally styled similar to the MLPFiM art style, but lately has been shifting to a more anime-ish appearance)

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