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Alright this is a pretty far fetched theory but it could be possible.

So I was reading the thread where tulpa possession changed the voice of the host. That got me thinking and I ended up connecting the dots to Heath Ledger's death.


Before the filming of the Dark Knight, Heath locked himself up in a hotel room to practice for his role as the Joker. This is a month of focusing pure energy, emotion, and thought onto a character (sounds a lot like a tulpa huh?). Although his method may not be the traditional way we make tulpa but the main idea is the same. Heath said that he really made the Joker "come to life". If you listen to Heath Ledger's voice in the movie, it most certainly isn't his, perhaps it is a sort of partial possession by the created Joker in his head, the one that wouldn't leave his head after the filming of the movie.


The reason why he played the character so well was because he literally became the character. You might ask, "why would the (mental) joker go along with the script and the filming of the movie?" Well he had no reason not to, perhaps Heath and his Joker were even friendly, they got along, and the acting was great. After the movie though, Heath had no use for the Joker, the movie is done and there is no reason for Heath to have the bastardized consciousness of a clown in his head. But so much time and emotion had been invested in him that he would not go away so simply. So despite Heath's attempts to ignore him and stop believing it was true, the Joker would just drive him more and more crazy.


What could Heath do? Tell someone? Fuck no, they'd out him in a mental asylum or just not believe him. How on Earth could he know what was going on? So instead of ignoring or trying to somehow fix his problem, he went crazy, his Joker drove him crazy, starving for the attention that he was losing. Since the Joker's personality is already crazy, this made the situation even worse. So instead of getting help, Heath did the only thing he could do: take shitloads of drugs to drown out the Joker in his head. This obviously not only pissed off the Joker, but also made Heath get even more depressed and crazy.


Eventually he couldn't take it anymore and overdosed.



Anyways, sorry for the wall of text, but despite how far fetched the theory is, it makes sense from a tulpa-point-of-view

Some quotes:


Rolling Stones Magazine

“He couldn’t seem to disengage; the inexactness bothered him.”

“Ledger had no formal training, and there’s this to be said for acting school: it teaches you to approach a role as foreign, as a language you’ll temporarily speak. Ledger didn’t appear to have that. He needed to dig for (and inhabit) the part of himself that was the character. ‘Performance comes from absolutely believing what you’re doing,’ he said. ‘You convince yourself, and believe in the story with all your heart.’ It didn’t always shut off when a production did, and I think it ground him.”

“As The Joker in next summer’s The Dark Knight, he will appear as a man severed from all connection. A ‘psychopathic, mass-murdering clown with zero empathy,’ is how he described it to the New York Times. On set, Michael Caine said the performance sometimes turned so frightening he forgot his own lines.”

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This seems to be a credible theory.


it doesn't mean that tulpa are dangerous, just dangerous when unintentionally made, and the person doesn't know what to do with them later...

"When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." - Sherlock Holmes

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I do believe in this might have happened, and this actually makes me think, how many actors actually make accidental tulpas while working on a character? That actually can make any tulpamancer a great actor since he can just build a character and let him posses you, but of course, it would be too fucked up to create a sentience only to make a movie.

I'm brazilian and my english is not really good, I'll do every mistake you imagine, but I'll try to avoid them.


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That actually can make any tulpamancer a great actor


I just had a vision of a crapton of people acting like ponys.




My life will never be the same.

They say great science is built on the shoulders of giants - not here.

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Sir, he was doing cocaine at the time. That's some serious shit, and I'm not talking about crack cocaine. It has nothing to do with tulpa, but interesting story :)

Ermahgerd Ver fer Vernderterr


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While I doubt the Joker was a full-fledged tulpa (two-way conversations, imposition, possession) in his head, I think the role took almost a heavy a toll on him as the drugs - perhaps he'd devoted such time, especially under isolation, to develop an unintentionally Joker-tulpa up to the auditory hallucination stage. Combined with the drugs and other factors in his life... damn, I don't even want to think about it. Not exactly ideal circumstances for preserving one's sanity and health.


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