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Nemo's dumb art thread

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Is non-tulpa or tangentially tulpa-related art allowed?




I think one of you has a Dash tulpa, so there. Let's say that's relevant.


I'm still learning to sketch with a digital tablet, so it takes me a long time to do stuff and it doesn't always turn out well. If you have an interesting request, I might do it. I won't just draw your tulpa; that's boring and lame. Make it something everybody might wanna see. And nothing NSFW. Probably.


Phi/other mods, feel free to delete this if it shouldn't exist.

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That is so incredibly hot... *saves to secret folder called "Art class homework"*


Hmmmm, do you think you would wanna do a picture of Shin? Maybe at a tea party, with dolls and stuff, for the lulz. Feel free to decline of you aren't interested, I have requested Shin in another thread but I think Shin at a tea party would be funny :P

My opinions are all subject to change.

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I will copy paste a description.


Anyway. Shin is tall and muscular, with a black robe on. His fingers are sharp. He has bare feet. His skin is very pale, as if painted.


He has four thick, black tentacles sprouting from his back, the tips are like spikes.


Now for his beautiful face. It is very realistic. He has long brown hair that goes against his neck, and hangs on the side of his face. His lips are black and lizard-like, and there are stitches that connect them. He grins maliciously and energetically. His mouth is full of round teeth that end in points, and his tongue is forked. There are two lines, one from each eye, that go down to above his mouth. His eyes are black and rectangular, with green irises and pupils. So in the middle of the eye there is a green circle, black circle, then a green centre like a bullseye. He has two horns above his eyes, black, and serrated at the front. Think the general shape of a slice of cake, that round triangle. They go forwards/up.

My opinions are all subject to change.

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