Tulpae Analyzing Social Interaction

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For those of you with social lives, here's something to try: See if you can talk to someone and have your tulpa analyze their nonverbal social cues, and then tell you what they were able to interpret from them. So basically, as you talk to someone, your tulpa is analyzing their nonverbal responses to gauge their reactions to what you say. Post the results ITT.

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Tulpae: Luna, Elise, Naomi

My progress report


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I may try this with Red once I actually work on listening to her and not just relying on yes/no answers and typing through possession. I can certainly see the use for something like this if one has a rather perceptive tulpa.

Name: Red

Stage: Imposition

Form: Androgynous human

Sentience: Most definitely.

Vocal: Sometimes.

Date of Creation: 8/20/12

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You don't need tulpae to do this. And I think chances are if someone has a social life they're already pretty decent at this.


But my tulpae do this, and it's why Mio is racist towards non-human tulpae because they can't convey or be read like humans.

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I'll try this with Toph sometime, after she is more 'solid'.

"When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." - Sherlock Holmes

My Progress Report

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