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Kadoh's superior request thread!


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That's right, I have a request thread bitches. Make a request and I will draw you a mighty fine picture!




Handy for Aarix: http://imgur.com/TRBkI


Shin's face: http://imgur.com/eTPsJ


Shin's face, Version two: http://imgur.com/n4Z9F


QB: http://imgur.com/aAnVm


Tealeap: http://imgur.com/3TRR7


Get requesting, YEEAAH BOOOY

My opinions are all subject to change.

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Okay so, here we go, first of all, visual references


Most recent drawing of her:


She's in her dancing clothes here, which is basically...just her wearing her cloak instead of her tunic.


This is her "normal" clothes, and although she wears many different variations, this is the basic one. It's also the first drawing I ever did of her, so there's no horns and her hair is wrong, so don't use this one for a hair reference lol.




Here we have a bunch of little details. Her legs are scaled like a bird's, with six main platelets on each shin. That's the only place she has scales. The rest of her gray skin is just...well, gray skin.



Just a reference for her hair, which is otherwise kind of hard to describe. Btw "The faithful" is what her horns are going to grow to look like one day. Right now they're still just nubs, as seen in the first drawing I linked.


Now, feel free to draw her dressed in whatever variation of her outfit you're comfortable with, and as for her appearance in description...let's see...


She's light-weight and limber, with teal-colored eyes and nubby horns on her forehead. http://imgur.com/VhHkM Is an old drawing of her face, before she had horns.

Most of the time she wears her mask, which is an upside down white tealeaf, with a hole on one side, although she can see perfectly fine through it.


Her cloak is red, and is represented in the first linked drawing as well, if you decide to add it. She wears it in lots of different ways. She'll wear it like a hood, something around one shoulder like a cape, or just wrap it around her body and crawl on the floor like a caterpillar sometimes. If you want, you don't even have to add it.


So uh.

I'm kind of worried about how this will turn out. Thanks in advance, if you decide to put work into it!

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Could you do QB?

The above post does not contain facts.

q2's the host, QB's the tulpa.


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Request: Clarence!

picture1 picture2[/php] Height: 5'3". Gold/blonde hair and red eyes. Not human eyes, sort of... buggy looking. Think Invader Zim. demonic features, he has vampire teeth. Kind of a jerk, arrogant. Wears punk-ish clothes. (tripp pants, no shoes, often times even no shirt) Body shape: well muscled, and yet more wiry than a normal human.

I think your style will work well for him!

Tulpas: Justine, Guess, Clarence


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Requesting Katelyn.

Since I have no visual reference, I'l just describe her.

She's about 5'2". Brown/black hair, and green/brown eyes. She's got a flat and slightly upturned nose. really normal mouth, and a kinda thin face. Her hair is about shoulder-length, and curls a bit at the end. She's skinny, but looks well in her skinny-ness. she wears a purple sweater, kinda billowy, and it goes past her wrists in a pointy fashion. skinny pants, and dress shoes.

Thanks in advance!

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Intelhunter: Who?


Yotslot: I actually spent half an hour on that but I used A4 paper like a noob ;_; you just mad I made her look like a serial killing butcher.


Enantiodromia: I will try my best, I found an art book with big pages so I will use that :)

Koji: I will try my best :D

I will have to start this afternoon guys.

My opinions are all subject to change.

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