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Kadoh's superior request thread!

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Intelhunter: Who?


Yotslot: I actually spent half an hour on that but I used A4 paper like a noob ;_; you just mad I made her look like a serial killing butcher.


Enantiodromia: I will try my best, I found an art book with big pages so I will use that :)

Koji: I will try my best :D

I will have to start this afternoon guys.


olaf, it is hisbro(the peeps in #tulpa wanted him to get a real name).

Ayo grill how you be?

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do you see that mask? That is one kick ass mask, right? Masks are cool in general, but this one beats them all! Thats the mask of the freakkin' phantom of the opera!


He has a hoodie with the hoodie on, and the mask covers some of the face, like in the picture. The light makes his other unmasked half face very hidden, the hoodie sortof ensures that. The hoodie is the one with strings on it, and it is light grey. He is wearing a bit baggy jeans, because it looks bad ass and its really comfy. is is standing in a bit of a relaxed pose, with his hands in his (hoodie) pocket.


his face is youthfull, as he is fifteen just like me, but the mask covers some of his face. He is built, but not ripped. He's not skinny, but not chubby.


The hoodie looks like this:


but without the mannequin.


etodreca's pic:



of course he will be standing around just looking awesome.

Ayo grill how you be?

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Koomer: I can try, never done a pony before :)


Intelhunter: Glad you liked it :D


I will work on more this afternoon.

My opinions are all subject to change.

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