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okay so I finally got around to doing another (quickish) session with her, so we went to the beach brain building thing and went inside back to where we were before, in the area somehow we figured out was the audio section. So then I had the voiceboxy thing and tried to figure out what to do with it (it looked all grey and stoney and not very "working"). Heather found something in a drawer that looked like a clear plastic box with some blue liquid and some tongs. She put the voiceboxy thingy into the blue liquid with the tongs and held it there. Since this was late at night and I was having trouble seeing things, she held it instead because she was more stable.


After a few minutes of waiting, she pulled it out, saying it was done, then we had to figure out how to put it inside her. So then she did the obvious thing and got my arm all OILED UP and then I put my arm down her throat (like down to the elbow). (Hooray for mind physics)


After I felt around in her throat to see where I had to put it, she started flailing her arms a bit and then I pulled my arm out and she said she still needed to breathe. So I let her catch her breath and then she put more oil on my arm and I put the voiceboxy thing in her throat. Though apparently I put it down her esophagus instead because I didn't know where it was supposed to go, so I took it out and then she told me where to put it and then I did finally. And then hugs!


I asked her how she was able to talk to me before she had the voiceboxy thingy put in and she tried describing it sorta like telekinesis. Also apparently it was weak and I could only hear her when I was forcing instead of also being able to hear her just walking around (like I used to be able to a bit less than 2 weeks ago).


The weird thing about it was when my arm was down her throat, I could actually feel it faintly

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no progress reports because not much interesting stuff happening. I'm with family on holiday at the moment so I haven't had much time to work with her, but she's okay


man doing proxying on the IRC is more difficult than I anticipated

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