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Nate's request thread!

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Nate here, figured I'd made a request thread. Feel free to ask me to draw your tulpa.


Example images:




http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mcl5lzbt9f1rf4bqco1_r1_1280.jpg (This one was pretty difficult, maybe don't expect one of such complexity. I could open up commissions for something like this later)


But for now, I want to keep my hand moving and to improve my art style.[/align]



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I asked you to draw QB once, do you still have the PM for that?

The above post does not contain facts.

q2's the host, QB's the tulpa.


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"I love your art style! Would you draw me?



I look like this, with 8 tentacles for 'legs' and facial lines like this.


Thanks in advance!"



(sorry about the second one, I tried.)

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this is the masque of the phantom of the opera, it is kick ass:




He has a hoodie with the hoodie on, and the mask covers some of the face, like in the picture. The light makes his other unmasked half face very hidden, the hoodie sortof ensures that. The hoodie is the one with strings on it, and it is light grey. He is wearing a bit baggy jeans, because it looks bad ass and its really comfy. is is standing in a bit of a relaxed pose, with his hands in his (hoodie) pocket.


his face is youthfull, as he is fifteen just like me, but the mask covers some of his face. He is built, but not ripped. He's not skinny, but not chubby.


The hoodie looks like this:




but without a mannequin inside, beacause that would make the hoodie very crowded.


pose? umm... something "superior" or something.


etodreka's pic:




best of luck.

Ayo grill how you be?

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I asked you to draw QB once, do you still have the PM for that?


You actually asked me not Nate, and ;_; now I realized I never uploaded it




EjJ07.jpg I updated the shading so it looks nicer because sorry :<




And Nate's working on the requests, just a little busy because finals are coming up!



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