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What do you and your tulpa do for fun?

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I'm trying to dedicate more time with my tulpa Amber, but we've both agreed that the wonderland get boring fairly quick. This lead to a decline in progress and eventually a complete stop. I'm looking for ideas on what to do and the don't have to be wonderland based.


What are some games/activities/hobbies/etc, that you do with your tulpae?

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Most of what I do with them is based in the mindscape, but I sometimes play games IRL with them (usually via possession, though I want to play chess with them in public so people will think I'm one of those whiz kids that plays chess against himself for fun).


As for mindscape stuff:

Dungeon raiding


Going on adventures

Playing hide-and-seek


Going for a walk on the beach


Having sex


Going for a drive

Going swimming

Playing sports


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Mainly I just go into the wonderland and ask her what she wants to do. If she says nothing, I usually think of what I would do in real life. What do you like to do with your friends? Other than that, the things Amy and I do (not going to include my other tulpa because all he does is drink):

Picnics- For some reason she loves picnics. Maybe your tulpa has something special they like to do?

Walk through the park

Sightseeing, as in going on top of a mountain and looking out over it

Watching a sunset or sunrise




This might not seem like much, but it takes up a lot of time, believe it or not. That's all I can think of ATM. Hope it helps!

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We go hang out in real life, which is much more interesting. The mall, the lake, generally walking around together, playing video games against each other, etc.

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Lately, we've been going bike riding and seeing where we end up. Sometimes, more rarely, we'll just drive around and get lost on purpose. That's a bit expensive though, what with gas prices and all.

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Rev is usually cleaning his guns or practicing on targets when I enter the wonderland, so we usually end up going on bullet-ridden action-movie adventures with plenty of slo-mo and a heaping of gore and hot lead. Just the other day we were storming the modern equivalent of the beaches of Normandy.


He's a pretty hardcore guy :D

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