What do you and your tulpa do for fun?

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Just recently we started expanding our wonderland. It started off as just a modest house in the middle if the woods, but a few weeks ago I added a road and an off road hill-climbey sort of course about a mile away from the house, and gave her an '80s CJ7 to fuck with. Just this morning, we extended the road a mile or two more to an airfield, so she can try her hand at flying (I was basically raised by flight simulator)


"This jeep has a manual transmission, need me to teach you how to use it?"

"If you know it, I know it [floors it up a hill]"


I like Glitch's idea though, I think we might just need to add a dungeon or a castle or something and go do some raids.

Ban me if I ever mention Telecasters again.

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Reading to Luna is proving to be very effective. She really likes the book so far. I was worried that my attention to the book would keep my attention from her, but it's proving quite the opposite. I turn the book towards her so she can read along, and make sure that I read aloud for her to hear me.



Just gave up some hours at work. I need to have some relaxing time, and she needs the tulpaforcing.

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