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Do your friends/family know about your tulpa?


Who knows about your tulpa?  

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  1. 1. Who knows about your tulpa?

    • Every close friend/family member knows about it.
    • Some close friends/family members know about it.
    • Only one or two close friends/family members know about it.
    • Nobody knows about it, but I may tell some in the future.
    • Nobody knows about it, it will be my secret until the day I day.

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To clarify my vote since it isn't really clear based off the options, none of my family members know about me having tulpa, and they all are very opposed to the idea of it too, so I am probably never going to tell them. But a lot of my friends both IRL and online know about Sasha and a few know about the tulpa we are developing.

Devin They/them

Sasha She/her

We don't associate a host mind but view each other as equals who are part of the same body.

Devin is the original mind.

Sasha is the developed mind.

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Only one person knows the details, and that's the person who told her about Tulpas in the first place. At the time she considered them to be close friends. But other people she knows in person? No. We might decide to tell someone if and when the time is right, but for now it's need to know, and no one actually needs to know.

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