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Splooshie's Progress Report

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Don't Panic


That's what I got from Faith a couple of days ago. I had to give a speech in class as a sort of public speaking exercise (in a foreign (to me) language, too). I always get nervous when I have to speak to large groups of people. Very nervous. That means my mind going blank, forgetting how to read, stuttering, mumbling, panic attacks. I did so badly the previous time that the teacher stopped me before I got 3 sentences out. My turn was coming up, then I felt Faith's presence next to me. She tried to calm me down, telling me nothing bad will happen, but I had to calm down first. So I just listened to her and could actually feel my heartbeat slow down. Thanks to her, I got through it with less trouble than I'd normally have :D

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Guest Anonymous



Seriously, good to hear she's actually giving some responses that are outwardly effecting you.

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