How Honest Are You?

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To sleep.


What's the worst thing you've done in the wonderland?

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. <3

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Nope, never have, never will.


If you watch anime, do you prefer dubbed or undubbed?

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Prefer watching the subbed for most, so undubbed, but it doesn't mean I'm not open-minded to listening to dubbed ones because instead of being attached to wearing nostalgia lens for a circumstance of watching only the subbed version, it's just another way of furthering why said anime was interesting enough for me to watch it out in the first place. But if there's that monotone and lackluster disposition in each character, I just can't take it.


To find voice actors that can say their lines even if it's cheesy can be rare sometimes, and sometimes having the mindset to listen to both dubbed or subbed depends on a lot of factors, but one thing that could support that open-mindedness is knowing the voice actors themselves, seeing if they've done other roles, and gauging out their potential of being the decent, or perfect fit for that character. I can't even imagine myself watching a subbed version of Yu Yu Hakusho for instance because that English dub is godly beyond measure.


The same way I felt about Ruroni Kenshin; hearing some chick trying to act tough (I'm not intending to be a sexist) with a somewhat male voice, albeit effeminate isn't something that resonated to me as some cold-hearted nihilistic manslayer who tried to repent for his sins even though it would be a perpetuating psychological challenge for him to cope with, especially with his constant awareness that he can't repent every sin he's committed.


The same can be said about Spike in Cowboy Bebop; I just can't imagine anything other than the english dub sustaining that disposition of his as a guy who gradually, in each episode, has to come to terms with the challenges he wanted to throw away into a fridge (metaphorically; even though there's an episode that could be related to that), and faces the consequences (e.g. the real folk blues) of it.


But sometimes, that bias can constrain potential for more perspective on how each dubbed and subbed offers us a chance to see how those anime portrays something we can relate to and create memories for reference in whatever adversity we may face in our lives. And the music combined with the personality that feels real and genuine all becomes this enchanting experience that clings onto you for the rest of your life. Sometimes the music itself is an indirect way to reign in that nostalgia as well.




Oh, forgot to add the question:


Do you feel optimistic about this new year?

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count as an animal?


Have you played Portal 2? (Hint: there's only two right answers)


(Hint hint: the two right answers are 1. yes and 2. yes)


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Portal 2 was a must after hearing of it. And I don't know if a potato with some kind of CPU counts as an animal


Next question: Is it cold or hot outside?

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Can you not answer this question?


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We're gonna try to post more often, but you know, no promises or whatever.

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I am indeed able to do that but I willn't. (I know it's usually "won't" but "willn't" just makes more sense)



What is the simplified version of the square root of the square root of two?


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