Differentiating between Metaphysics/Philosophy and Spirituality/Parapsychology

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All I can say is there seem to be a lot of people talking about tulpas online, and more and more people are going to want to come here to share their experiences. That means not everyone is going to approach the subject from a strictly scientific standpoint. That is the way most message boards are, as time goes on, and new people join, the environment changes. That is just the way message boards are. So, if someone wants to create a tulpa, or has created a tulpa, but has a more metaphysical view of the subject than the people who started this board, does that mean they are unwelcome here? I haven't been at this board from it's beginings, but I did start lurking here in July..And, I have seen the word "Magicfag" tossed around..Well, I am openminded enough to listen to other people's points of views from a psychological standpoint, but I am proud to be a "magicfag" well, maybe more like a "magidyke. And if members of this board want a philosophy section, I see reason not to have it. I think any board worth a shit allows members to discuss more than just one set of ideas.


I could not agree more with this.


Some people with a more metaphysical viewpoint might curve their viewpoint to be more in line with the community's. But there will likely be those that silence themselves to avoid being called names, or ranted at, or embarrassed.


The site is dedicated to science. It says so right in the subtitle, but the admins were thoughtful enough to add a sort of "Other"board. It would be nice if people who aren't at all curious, or open-minded about metaphysics, spirituality and parapsychology(all very different things) would back off and let people who are curious and open-minded discuss these things. Aside from informing the topic-starter that the topic needs to be moved to that board, I don't see why anyone would feel personally offended by the topic enough to comment on how "stupid" they think it is.

Please, refer to Azazel as my Muse. :)


Our story is here.

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