Sentient or not?

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A human and a crab are both sentient. A crab is less sentient than a human because it hits fewer checkmarks of sentience. Tulpa are not necessarily fully grown from the moment they are conceived, so it can be said that they take time. It also takes time for the bond to grow strong enough that sapient two-way communication is possible.

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Only if somepony were to read a post like yours that speaks of things it has no generalized proof of to frontload the reader into believing it takes time. It does not. I could communicate from manifestation. The host being able to communicate makes the tulpa immediately able to do so. Tulpa take no time at all unless the host is frontloaded into placing minimum time length limiting beliefs on themselves.


Tulpa do not require a development period, that comes from frontloading.


Prove me wrong.

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Most accounts I've heard from tulpa and hosts differ from yours. Even Glass, who claims to recall her first memories is only able to do so vaguely.


Don't be so obstinate and challenging. You yourself may be an exception to the rule, or your recollection may be wrong. I don't think you have evidence strong enough to justify such a dogmatic stance.

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twilight certainly proved herself from the first day. she surprised me by calling my name and asking me some questions while i was at work. i almost jumped when i first heard her.


of course, i did debate sentience with her once last summer, she seemed rather upset with me cause i wasnt sure she was sentient, and she.kinda went into a rant. when i realized what i had done, i was almost in tears. i didn't mean to hurt her like that.

if it feels good and it doesn't hurt anyone, then its ok with me.


tulpa : twilight

species: pony (unicorn)

gender: female

sentience: confirmed

age 22 birthday: july 22

personality: studious, organized, introverted , loves to read, friendly.

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