She seems distant after we...

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Ok, so I did some research and this is what I came to:


the hypothalamus is the sex region of the brain, when flushed with testosterone that you excrete during pre-sex; your brain releases Dopamine, a key "happiness" chemical.


Gobledeegook I know, but how does it apply to a tulpa?


well, because your tulpa resides within your brain, he or she can experience a similar rush of Dopamine during sex; which (subsequently) would make your tulpa happy. however, your brain may become confused trying to appeal to both areas of your (and your tulpa's) brain. And therefore, because your Pre-frontal cortex is all mis-arranged (for the time being) and because your tulpa uses your pre-frontal cortex to reason, It may be difficult for him or her to regain an attachment onto it's old speaking methods.


another theory states: you have just introduced your tulpa to the most powerful form of communication, and she may seem distant because all other forms are temporarily inadequate to gain your precious attention.



just give her time; it heals all wounds and builds all relationships.

If everybody is thinking alike, then someone isnt thinking.

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I think the fact that you're worrying about it is what makes her distant. I don't blame you for being worried; but I recommend that you try to be as optimistic as possible that things will work out. We all reach some slumps in progress; so it's probably not something that you should worry about.

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A) You are confusing your self

B) You are confusing her


By thinking you did something wrong, she might be thinking the same.

Just chill for some time, even if it means taking the whole day off, and in the end, everything will be better.

Is actually Leo.

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You must not have been very good.


Bahahaha XD oh my God, my sides XD. Despite that probably being the funniest reply I've ever seen here, We probably should try to be serious here on the matter. I've been meaning to return to this post for a while. Anyways, later on that night we actually ended up having a laugh about how drastically I was taking things. She had simply said that it was enjoyable (that's a bonus to my self-esteem) but a little overwhelming, which would explain a lot. Already she's growing closer again, so I suppose the issue is resolved. Thank you, everyone.

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