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A Thread for Voicing your Opinion on Moderation


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Well you know what they say, mods are fags no exceptions. (Also, you do realize Goopi is Glitchthe3rd, right?) But I honestly don't see any problem with the moderators. A simple "take this to OT" would be nice enough, but some people just can't take correction or get butthurt too fucking easily I like (I never thought I'd say this) the mods the way they are now, and as they say, they're only human.

Ermahgerd Ver fer Vernderterr


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Goopi is Glitchthe3rd

When did this happen? If true, it's news to me. I don't recall becoming the glitch.


A simple "take this to OT" would be nice enough

This is generally what I try to do, along with most of the mods. People who are getting muted immediately are mostly repeat offenders who have been asked multiple times before.


I agree with SKoP that certain mods are muting a little too freely, though people seem to be getting exceedingly buttfrustrated over 5 minute mutes. Wait 5 minutes, calm down and shape up. It's not that big a deal.

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Kadoh, yeah. "Slushie" was already registered on rizon when I joined chat.


Chupi, holy hell yeah. I don't understand why people are so repulsed by not being able to talk for 5 minutes. It's about the softest punishment one could possible imagine.

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Guest Anonymous


(Also, you do realize Goopi is Glitchthe3rd, right?)


Newfriend alert. Goopi=Chupi


I think Tess is a good mod, but gets anal annhiliated a bit too often (like when you extended alba's ban because he called you a name or five.


I think all the mods except Jake are good, and I say that because I rarely see him post on topics relating to moderating, which is just as good as backseat moderation.


On that topic, does posting the link to a topic (thats already been made) in a thread about that topic count as backseat moderation?


Also, I think you guys give Fade far too long a leash. His escapades (the ones in which he made alternate accounts to evade the ban he got from being an complete dick) caused the 3 day wait. I would suggest changing the signup page to encourage people to learn and prevent stupid questions.


Also, what experience does Amadeus have in server maintenance? Because if shit goes down and pleeb is AFK, we might be screwed if ama isn't knowledgable.


Also, why was bigger banned? The user that is.

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Newfriend alert. Goopi=Chupi


I'm sorry I meant Chupi. It was a long night on the IRC... names got scrambled... you know how it is. My apologies Chupi.


But seriously, you really don't see many mods unless you seriously fuck up. So I don't see what the big deal is?

Ermahgerd Ver fer Vernderterr


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I said this earlier today, who agrees:

19:58 <%Pleeb> So, who thinks community meetings between moderators and members, taking place in #tulpa (being a neutral location, or as neutral as it can be) is a good idea? As well as for dispute resolution.

19:58 <%Pleeb> Similar to last night.

19:58 <%Pleeb> And today, to an extent?


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