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2D Wonderland and the Horrors out of Sight


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When I make a wonderland and invite my tulpae to it, it works out perfectly, HOWEVER if I want to visit a wonderland that my tulpae have made, those wonderlands seem like a stage being seen on a TV screen, but if I place myself in there and turn around to see what they look at when they talk to me, I encounter the most horrific of nightmarish creatures. When I see him, he "infests" the wonderland and my tulpae, making everything nightmarish. It wears off quickly enough but it leaves Tom holding his head for a minute. Wicker, the badass that he is, shrugs it off.


I talked to it, asked it what it was, it said "Your nightmare(s)" and nearly ate me, but I fought my way out (my wonderland was spinning around me and I felt really dizzy afterwards). Asked Wicker about it, he says not to talk to him and that he's bad news. He says he's dealt with this Nightmare guy on occasion, and that he can protect us all from him (Wicker's been around for a while on accident).


Just wondering if anyone has had an experience similar to this. Note that this happens with EVERY "2D" wonderland. Perhaps this is akin to the whole "looking in a mirror while lucid dreaming" thing, except without a mirror to separate me from him. All's under control and it's easy enough to avoid (STAY AWAY FROM 2D WONDERLANDS), just wondering if anyone had something similar happen to them and perhaps figured out how to deal with it, thanks.

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Sounds like your shadow, if you ignore it it should leave you alone. Other than that, if you absolutely must have a 2D wonderland, make it a sidescroller and interact with it in third-person at all times.

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You could make a strong servitor to deal with them. /mlp/ always talks about making a Jackie Chan- tulpa to get rid of other malicious or annoying tulpas, it's a troll of course but something similiar could be used in this situation.


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Huh, I thought I already had a run in with my shadow.


This guy was pretty easy to deal with, basically every time he tried to scare me, I just had to realize that he was nothing but a part of my mind and counter his scares. He would grow tall to tower over me, I would grow taller. He would lunge at me, I would pin him against the wall. I actually was quoting Scooby-Doo while I "pulled off" his mask and underneath that was a screaming skull. Every time he did something scary, I would counter, and then he would become something else. I even turned him into Barney the dinosaur, but then he started turning into a nightmarish version of that.


It was so cool actively seeing my mind try to scare itself, and now the problem would appear to be solved. He pops up in the wonderland occasionally, often in dark places, but now that I know what he is, my tulpae and I end up not cowering in fear but instead laugh at him.


BUT... this guy does do one thing that I don't like... He opens up his coat/body and in that there is nothing, like infinite nothing, and he keeps trying to trap me in that, though if I try it's pretty easy to prevent. IF THIS GUY IS ACTUALLY MY SHADOW then perhaps I'll talk to him more and see if I can't resolve this like I thought I did Mr. Black.

...if you absolutely must have a 2D wonderland, make it a sidescroller and interact with it in third-person at all times.


See, 2D wonderlands seem to happen all on their own (I'm a filmmaker, I'm so used to seeing the world from a camera's POV that it effects how I perceive my wonderland, unless I really focus and build a 3D wonderland from scratch (which isn't actually that hard).


But now that I have this guy under control, it would seem that I can now flesh out these 2D wonderlands and easily make them 3D.


And when I say "2D wonderland" I mean that I can only see it from one angle, it's like watching it on a tv or on a stage, meant to be seen from just one angle.

”Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” - Henry Ford

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