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Generally, unless you're sure it's you, it's probably your tulpa. It can be hard to tell when your tulpa is talking (mine was apparently vocal for a week before I figured it out, as she later told me...), but if you have confidence in your tulpa, they can become vocal pretty early.



Every time I make a post, I always Ctrl+A Ctrl+C in case something happens when trying to post and the message disappears. I guess I was talking about tulpas last online. I think this was earlier on Reddit.

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Disclaimer: I don't mean to offend anyone, tulpa or host, by anything I post.

Tulpa: Settled on Aleana; means "rising, ascending" in Hebrew.

Stage: Narration, personality, greeting.

Sentience: Dunno at best, hell no at worst.

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Fern, Splash, Bergamot Five senses, Synec-doche Clear Archid, Acid, Cat Contrail, Tea, Glacier Murmured

De bedste og smukkeste ting i verden kan hverken ses eller røres, de må opleves med hjertet.

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