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The car was utterly wrecked by the time i got home, the day after, total brake failure. Which means, if i had stayed a few days longer, i would have been stranded somewhere. Just a crazy time. I'm glad i did it though, those are memories you can't beat.

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Teeth like a lion,

head like a bear,

claws that could tear

a plank to kindling.

They come in the night,

in the mist.

Always in the darkest, like they

could see in the black.

Did they go on two legs

or four ?

It seems they did both, like a thing

that was both man and bear.


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Miri, not at all, we did it super smooth, just as easy as pencil in my opinion.




... but aside from the occasional train noises, cross-walk beeps, and hearing my name, nothing.



Cat, this is hypnagogic I think. I used to hear these things exactly as you describe, and I still do sometimes, but it's just after I start to hear and see things like this is when I tell my tulpas to say something and show me something, this is where they 'take over' and random stuff disappears and they almost always get some audio imposition in at least. Some of our best times together have been just after one of these 'signs' that the hypnagogic state is starting.


It literally happens every night now without fail, but I fall asleep soon after, it's fine though because the experiences we've shared before were enough to last us a good long time.

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Not sure how hard it'll be to find something like that. I'll try. I'm positive most of the time though, except I sometimes get doubts or intrusive thoughts if my tulpas have been dormant for long whiles and I don't feel very connected to them.


Also, this happened about an hour or two ago. I think this could be some kind of accidental dissociation:


So, for dinner we had tortilla wraps, and there was a lot of leftover cheese that no one put back in the fridge (which the dogs eventually got to eat because they absolutely love it). So, I was just drinking a cup of ice tea when our mother mentioned the cheese still on the bench and instead of tasting the ice tea I actually tasted the cheese and smelled it quite strongly too. Only lasted for a few seconds though. That was pretty cool I guess.


I also feel a little weird now. We were watching the Netflix series Atypical, and our mother mentioned how she didn't think I had Asperger's syndrome. I've never been officially diagnosed, but I used to have some traits of it that aren't present anymore. We don't think I have ever had it because it has had no impact whatsoever on any of my headmates. She then complimented me a lot, but it makes my feel like my headmates deserve some credit. I feel like telling someone but I'm worried what people will think (although most people think I don't care what other people think). It's probably not a good idear to say something, but I feel like I'm getting all of the credit (when all of them have contributed to how we are now).

Someone System: ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???


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“We need MOAR FLUFFY TOASTERS!!!” - Torea

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