Lyranon and Ly jumps on the wagon too!

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Life is boring in tulpaland at the moment so i guess i could tell a little about the wonderland.

My wonderland is an island in the middle of the ocean of the mind, so to speak, there's a manor where Ly lives and stores her adventuring trophies, a forest where the billionaire witch lives with all her bling, a lighthouse on the edge of a cliff with a trapdoor leading down to a network of caves, a meadow for hanging out and relaxing and a beach for the same.

This is where Ly and i frequently go on adventures and have hours of fun together.


Gum has really become an all-purpose material suited for making almost anything on the island, due to which i'll just call it elasticite from now on.


Sounds like the idea we had for rebuilding my wonderland. Except there's a randomly generated dungeon underground.

"Science isn't about why, science is about why not?" -Cave Johnson

Tulpae: Luna, Elise, Naomi

My progress report


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The flappityfloo?

I call hiatus and the suggestions starts pouring in.


Yeah, Pleeb is right, you don't want those mental pictures eroded into your brain.

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