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A few questions about wonderlands.


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Hi, I'm fairly new here and I have a few questions about wonderlands since i am currently making a tulpa and I want her to have a “playground” to grow up in.


1. Once you start to be able to visualize your wonderland almost perfectly do you have your 5 senses like you would irl?


2. If you have a fuly sentient and vocal tulpa and they change the wonderland while your not forcing. When you start forcing and you enter the wonderland does it look like how your tulpa changed it or would it go back to normal?




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1) Not really, no. As long as you haven't switched places with your tulpa, and you're still in control of your body and whatnot, your perception of the wonderland is unlikely to extend beyond - essentially - imagination. In other words, you're unlikely to be hallucinating your wonderland any time soon.


2) If you, upon entering, believe that change can occur without you, then you will likely perceive the change brought on by your tulpa. If, on the other hand, you think it impossible that your tulpa can change your wonderland then you'd just keep seeing what you saw before. For this purpose, you will be able to see yourself any changes made by your tulpa.

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