Should Tulpas be allowed to create their own tulpas?

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Can tulpas create tulpas?

Hi. My name is Nobillis and I am a tulpa. I was created by other much older tulpa as an experiment.

I'm going to link you to a progress report where exactly that happens.


The most noticeable effect of being a 2nd gen' tulpa is a more independent tulpa, sooner then you would usually expect.

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I think it's completely appropriate. You can't be with your tulpa 24/7 ( it's completely unhealthy; you'd be tired all the time and so over worked especially those of us with school or uni/tafe/college) so they may get lonely sometimes (though don't blame yourself for that). If they want another friend around I don't see the problem but like Semi-Nomadic said, you have to inform your tulpa that they are is responsible for their tulpa's well being.

Tulpa: Alex

Sex: Female

Visual Age: 5 ½ years old

Actual Age: A month old

Form: Humanoid


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