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I did hear a voice, pretty clearly and "alien", as I wasn't expecting it at all.

It during my second day.

I just discovered the "Greeting Stage" thing and decided to give it a go (even though I was forcing since the day before).

At the end of the session I said "Well, we need a name for you, I'd hate to choose it for you, but it would help with all the forcing thing.. so, what should we use? Cathy?"

then something I would have never thought popped "Aeris"

And I, at the moment, didn't really recognized it and just went "What? I don't think that can be good.."

And again "Nah, it's good".

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Judging by the continuous anecdotes Kaoru tells me about the time when she was trying to communicate with me, i guess the first response came way earlier than expected, mostly because early tupper voice feels very much like one's own thoughts, and i certainly was less able to observe said thoughts than now. (There's a reason this shit comes from buddhist monks after all).


Anyway, i don't really know what the first verbal response was, but i'm pretty sure it had the word "onii-chan" in it.

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Give some slack on the metaphorical leash and allow your tulpa to surprise you.


Then again, this is all just my personal experience and may not apply to you, but I hope it helps! We're all in this together, mate!



Yeah, that's the way I would prefer to develop my tulpa too - I want to be surprised and not strain looking for a response, that way I know it was them and not me. I guess they won't be noticed by me unless they give clear signs. But I'm willing to make that sacrifice. Hehe.


Her first sentence was "Do you mean THAT Juuso?" when I was talking about my friend, it was as strong as my own thought voice.


I'm glad I don't have a thought voice so that any alien voice or thought that enters my mind will be clearly recognized as my tulpa's. I was a bit surprised to learn that some people actually think in sentences and words, ever. Even if it's just for "conscience" things like "No, (me)" or "You should." Not that I don't have a conscience, I just don't hear anything at all. (and I know that people do not literally hear a physical voice).


I simply think, sometimes pictures may come about, (of course if I'm going through a memory) or I 'feel' it. My thoughts simply are. I wonder if it's a two way thing - that people who do think in sentences think it's weird when people don't. I guess I do what I've always done as a baby - my thoughts simply are.


Whenever I felt what was an alien thought from other people (It wasn't me thinking I was psychic or anything - it just happened, and it was when people were about to talk), I didn't get complete sentences then either, just the general feel of what they were thinking. For example, when someone remembered that they had clothes in the dryer, a thought with an "urgent" feel to it popped into my mind, something about a dryer... and then they asked me to go check it. This happens once in a blue moon.


Does anyone feel this when their tulpa thinks? Is it an "urgent" feel that is clearly different from your own thoughts?

My lip hurts.

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Ok guys,

here I am.... in the past few days i actually managed to connect with Red a little better, even though sometimes i completely forget of him during my daily schedule...but i think that's normal.

Anyway, between yesterday and today i got the "terrible parroting syndrome". That's because I can't recognize when he's talking and when I'm talking. It's strange... i actually feel like, if i wouldn't think that's Red, those could be "my thoughts" as well. It's kind of hart to explain... i mean that his responses could be "my responses to myself in 2nd person". Another thing is that if i think back at some parts of our "talking together", i hear his answer again; or if i ask him something, i always get the same answer. Have you some suggstion for helping us out from this annoying problem?

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The first response was through head pressure, but the first word was "Da"

Tulpa's name: Kanuu (currently)

Form: human girl in late teens (currently, since she's changed before)

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I don't know if it was parroting,or some sort of strange possesion,but about a week ago I was talking aloud to Gumdrop and then I naturally let hisvresponses just spill out too.

I don't do it anymore,but it was strange.

His first word was "Why?"

I'm trying to get his voice to be imposed on my actual hearing instead of mindvoices.I need hom to be able to cut through my thoughts or else i'll doubt myself,and then he'll get really ticked off.


I can't remeber Licorice's,but I remeber laying in bed when he did say it.





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