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[split] Removing the shout box


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Pleeb you are being narrow-minded you are cherry-picking and you are making logical dogshit while you try and prove you've made the right decision, you aren't even responding clearly to some of the things I'm saying. You are NOT BEING OBJECTIVE. I swear Pleeb step back for a fucking minute and see all the logical errors you're making.


The science orientation will change after the site redesign, which is the purpose of the research splinter as well as the majority of the new Site Redesign (refer to Announcements).


Promises vague promises Pleeb what you plan on doing in the distant future with your 0 money and dwindling member activity and half-baked decision making and no college degree has no relevance now when you remove the shoutbox for a reason I've already countered. There is no research being done, we still have no credibility, why the FUCK are you trying to be professional when there is nothing to be professional about? Has removing the shoutbox suddenly made us more than some merry gaggle of faggots with imaginary girlfriends? No, it hasn't.


What aren't you getting here.


The shoutbox is not the reason we suck.


Also what do you even mean by 'science orientation' and changing it. That's ambiguous wording.


Maybe in the long term, I do want more people that won't be spamming image macros, NFWS videos, irrellavent "lolfag" replies, and other shitposting, in these forums.




[ ] Spamming image macros

[ ] NSFW videos

[ ] Irrelevant 'lolfag' replies

[x] Shitposting (it's a chat room)


If those are problems elsewhere in your boards you didn't fix it by removing the shoutbox.


Rate of 'shit' used in shoutbox: ~0.16% of messages

Rate of 'fuck' used in shoutbox: ~0.20% of messages

Rate of 'nigger' and 'nigga' used in shoutbox: ~0.0203% of messages


Rate of 'shit' used in #tulpa_ot and #tulpa.info (combined): ~0.06% of messages

Rate of 'fuck' used in #tulpa_ot and #tulpa.info (combined): ~0.06% of messages

Rate of 'nigger' and 'nigga' used in #tupla_ot and #tulpa.info: ~0.0018% of messages


I disagree.


I'm sorry did you just boil down 'bad' and 'good' to 'cussing' and 'not cussing?'


Pleeb god damn it why are you making this so hard? That does NOT PROVE ME WRONG. Be objective you are not being objective, you have an agenda and you want to be right that's why you're totally cool with making no god damn sense.


I've always noticed that when things change, people will always get upset, and you'll have some turbulance. This is not a reason to panic and quickly revert or create a poll amist the panic to have it change back. This is simply becauese things do balance and usually pretty quickly.


people started revulting. However, things stabalized like they always do.


Don't mistake man's natural adaptiveness as evidence you made a good decision. Things 'stabilized' in concentration camps.


We already have the 'shoutbox regulars' in #tulpa.shoutbox now, and they're flourishing -- the very ones that were complaining a few hours ago are in the IRC content and adjusting, learning the features of Niichan's bot saying "Woah neat" and "I didn't know you could do this" and stuff like that.


Learning how IRC works is 'flourishing?' You mother fucker, Pleeb I swear how can you even say shit about making democratic petitions in 'the heat of the moment' when you/amadeus nick the shoutbox without even a fucking warning AFTER a 5 page thread of a dozen different people all giving reasons it should stay.


To prove my point, allow me to throw up some quotes:




You're probably talking about #tulpa_lewd.



Fuck your quotes and fuck the new IRC and fuck everyone's good intentions, IRC at present is guilty and must be proven innocent and that will only come with time and proof that there won't be any of the negative conduct to which I and several other members alluded. I'm not talking about tulpa.lewd specifically at all nerdy spergelords who get their feelings hurt over stupid shit infest your IRCs especially the popular ones as do the mods to which I referred, why are you even listing that channel without any context you're just making noise now.


1: The shoutbox offers paid support but it's not worth it. Let the ajax/php query-intensive chat room move to the Rizon server, which is meant for chatting.

2: Servers are expensive, and due to some situations with our hosting, we're probably going to end up just using dreamhost. Trust me, we'll need money for the migration, but we'll also need to be as thrifty as we can.

3: Refer to 1.


I don't know what any of that means but I believe you if you INSIST it can't be fixed.


I think I understand now more regarding your rationale on things, and I believe that you're acting more on emotion and "Do not change!" more then anything else.


I've not been confusing any step of this way and lol no evidently you don't get it, I have REAL REASONS which I have been GIVING YOU and so do SEVERAL OTHER PEOPLE. Stop calling us biased its not fair.


That, or you're upset that you may not be able to get away with what you've gotten away with in the shoutbox previously. I need to tell you right now Vice, if we did keep the shoutbox, the administration was planning on removing those 'just a few users' who were disruptiing it all the time. I believe you were one of those users.


If that happened then this would be a totally different issue now and I'd be lobbying for something else entirely, but at least we'd still have the box.


At least in the IRC, the new mods made something clear:

03:05 <%Glass__> No, we won't. Not sure anyone will be banned.

03:05 <%Tealeap> Only spammers will be banned


Time will tell... if you force it to.

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Guest Anonymous

...yet 1500 members later


Omitting the heaps of bullshit and empty statistics, your main argument is essentially that the shoutbox was completely unprofessional, and much worse than both the forums themselves and any of the main IRC channels. You want to eliminate unnecessary sections of the site that make us look anything but professional and "scientific". But have you honestly taken a look around at the site's users? Do you honestly believe that this site has any chance to somehow become something credible and scholarly? During the site's early days there was quite a bit of variety in users I'll admit. And it had a decent chance at evolving to something greater. But due in part to the community itself, many more "normal" or "scientific" people left. When the majority of the userbase is either asspies pretending that they're the pony they fap to the most often, or batshit delusional magicians pretending to use psychic energy in their mother's basement with a small minority of others in between, the population is doomed to fall.


And you seem to be forgetting how bad the post quality in the forums and IRC really are. I don't even need to pull up anything in particular as an example, as nearly all threads are littered with internet humor and crude references. Of course, being forums dedicated to making something akin to imaginary friends with the community itself being a derivative of /x/ and /mlp/, it's only natural. And just because there is more cussing in the shoutbox in no way indicates that it is somehow less quality than the IRC channels. Sure without constant moderation people will be more inclined to use cuss words. But the difference in quality is that most of the time, the shoutbox was being used to help both new and frequent members with their tulpa. More often than not I've come into the shoutbox to see someone giving advice on a certain aspect of tulpaforcing that someone else is struggling with. Meanwhile even the on-topic tulpa irc channels like #tulpa and #tulpa.info largely consist of absolute bullshit. While there is little cussing at the discretion of constant moderation, nearly the entire chat consist of one massive roleplay circlejerk littered with sexual innuendo and " le kawaii talk =P -_o xDDDDDDDDDDDD". If a supposed scholar were to spend 10 seconds in any of the IRC channels, tulpa.info would lose all credibility in their eyes. And rightfully so. But that brings me to my main point. You honestly believe that changing the site layout and host will somehow change the userbase from a fucked up off-shoot of a 4chan community mixed with equally fucked up stragglers into some glistening model of a community? That the roleplayers will suddenly up and leave because the site is more "science oriented"? You can cover shit with sprinkles but it's still shit.


And now on to the statistic of 1500 total members. As a self-proclaimed god of the internet, I'm sure you're familiar with 90-9-1 rule that applies to every online community. I'll just quote my past self on it.

In a nutshell, 90% of users are lurkers (i.e., read or observe, but don't contribute), 9% of users contribute from time to time, but other priorities dominate their time, and 1% of users participate a lot and account for most contributions: it can seem as if they don't have lives because they often post just minutes after whatever event they're commenting on occurs. Simple as that.

So how does this apply to your current statistic? Well, essentially only 9% of that 1500 make any contribution to the site at all. That means roughly only 135 members make any contribution to the site. And only 15 members make up the top 1%. Excluding the vast number of abandoned accounts that have only made a few posts and have been inactive for months. With that, most of the people who left after the removal of the shoutbox were part of the 9%, bringing the active statistic even lower. And the site is on a slow but sure decline. Sure, the number of total accounts might be at an all-time high, but the vast majority are either abandoned, or don't contribute. Phi also made a good point on this in the other shoutbox thread:

Thanks for this. I hope that the other mods particularly pay attention to this. I got in a bit of trouble with the other mods earlier today, and I alluded to the fact that I had actually been talking to you about this for awhile now, and that it isn't new at all. I completely agree with past self in that the site is dying not just for reasons and other reasons, but because the number of active users is declining. Like this:



Not exactly like this, obviously. I mean that the number of users does go up and down, but it is overall heading in the downward direction.

TL;DR You messed up. And the site is dying. And fuck you.

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Guest ThunderClap

I can't stand looking at #tulpa.info for more than 12 seconds without giving myself an ulcer.

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Guest Anonymous

I can't stand looking at #tulpa.info for more than 12 seconds without giving myself an ulcer.


Can you please provide logs?

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Always asking for logs, Purlox taught you well. How about you take a look at there yourself and see why people can't stand #.info? If you can't see what's wrong, then it's your problem, not ours.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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There is more than #tulpa.info to the irc after all. I think that's a nice benefit to the irc, if you don't like the usergroup, you can make or join a different channel that you like. I know you guys have already done so with your #tuppers, the group from /mlp/ made #tulpa-forums


I personally don't see the site as dying--even during this thread there are others posting their own threads, helping each other, making progress, and generally being a community. It's the nature of forums that there are inactive users, users that leave for months and come back, and users who are more regular. I constantly see new faces becoming more regular who I don't recognize from before.


The shoutbox added a lot of load to the server--we know this. Just because it's gone doesn't mean people are required to post in #tulpa.info. The new channel is developing their own moderation( I believe they are going for a democratic approach) and it can still be accessed from the site itself in the chat section of the site so you don't have to mess around with clients if you don't want to.


This isn't shoutbox vs. #tulpa.info, it's just a certain shoutbox program vs. the same group of people in a different chat program. Like switching your regular group from aim to msn essentially. Same people.



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No, it isn't.


Wasn't my argument there, I'm also saying the proof is in the very goddamn channel you circlejerk all day in, so take a look yourself. If you don't see what's wrong with it, something's wrong with you. That place is awful and there's a reason people say it's awful, so open your eyes.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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