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do tulpae have a separate conscious?

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There are two questions that can't be answered :

-What is a tulpa ?

-What is a separate being ?


They share your experience, rely on your external senses, but they seem to have their own sentience and sapience. Is this sufficient to classify them as «beings» ?

That's up to you. I found my answers long ago and we're both happy about it.

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Of course this has been discussed before.

This is like the age-old question. "What is a tulpa?".

The answer is: no one here knows.


The End.


That right there pretty much sums it up. I'd like to think they are separate beings, but we just don't know.

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They are a self-inflicted (usually) benign neoplasm of the psyche.


Tumors are collections of abnormal cells produced by, and dependent upon, the host organism. The deviant mass is often so different from the surrounding tissue that it's sometimes treated as a foreign invader by the host immune system.


Thus it follows that a 'tulpa' develops from an intrinsic part of you, but is eventually detected as an almost alien presence. It's entirely dependent upon you for life, though. Just as a tumor requires a constant blood supply to grow, so a tulpa must have the host's attention and energy to exist and flourish.

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