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Probably because deliberately making more voices isn't advisable for schizophrenics. If they get malevolent voices coming out of nowhere, then who knows what kind of tulpa they'd end up with? A nasty one, likely. Also, schizophrenia != DID as far as I know.

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First, not all schizophrenics have hallucinations. There are multiple sub-types. People often generalize schizophrenia with the paranoid sub-type. Those are the ones that generally have full-blown hallucinations as a symptom. Paranoid sub-type also has, of course, delusions of persecution. A tulpa really wouldn't be likely to help these people much. The tulpa is likely to simply be assimilated into their malevolent hallucinations. If not, the victim may also come to believe that the tulpa is after them anyway. All of this is assuming that the victim will even be able to create a tulpa, given that other hallucinations are likely to try to intercept his train of thought and force him to stop.

As for catatonic schizophrenia. This is a little more believable, but still not likely. Even if the tulpa did successfully 'fight' against the malevolent hallucinations, that wouldn't stop the problem. Catatonic schizophrenia's main problem isn't hallucinations. The main problem is that the victim will 'stop' for hours on end, unable to move and sometimes they aren't even conscious about what is going on around them until they snap back. Others have the exact opposite problem, and will do things such as walking from one end of town to the other again and again and again without stop.

As for disorganized schiaophrenia, it is unlikely that they will be able effectively force. Obviously, these people suffer from disorganized thought, which would make it extremely hard for them to force for even a minute without going off to something else. This isn't an attention deficit like ADD. This is the inability to create coherent ideas.


The idea to make a tulpa to 'fight' schizophrenic symptoms isn't practical.

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Probably because deliberately making more voices isn't advisable for schizophrenics. If they get malevolent voices coming out of nowhere, then who knows what kind of tulpa they'd end up with? A nasty one, likely. Also, schizophrenia != DID as far as I know.


Making additional voices would be downright stupid. Schizophrenia is believed to have physiological causes, so it is very likely a Tulpa will end up as a part of a psychotic episode.

What is a Tulpa? Blog

Rainbow 'Alyx' Dash


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Blah blah. People don't know tulpae and most people don't think that the voices in their heads can be created intentionally, but rather that they were created accidentally. It could help, but it would be really hard.

I'm brazilian and my english is not really good, I'll do every mistake you imagine, but I'll try to avoid them.


Tulpa: Kuruminha

Age: Began on the middle of october.

Form: My avatar.

Sentience: Confirmed.

Mindvoice: Not yet.

Working on: Visualization and Mindspeaking.

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Guest Anonymous

Bluesleeve's words apply in this situation.


whatisatulpa answered you:

Hi there BS, Jimmy here. Its been a while since I used tumblr, but because my forum account is banned, I figured its best to use this to blog about things. I've recently been wondering if someone at a young age, like Agnausia on the forums, makes a tulpa, and then, due to cannabis use, develops schizophrenia. What might the host and tulpa endure? For more info, just search up "schizophrenia induced by cannabis". Its been on my mind for some reason. #420 #smokeweedeveryday #yolo #swag #blaze'em


As you already know, your Tulpas are voices inside your head. Every voice in your head, which is not perceived as ‘you’, has the potential to lead to a psychosis. It can tell you things, which are not true, until you believe them and act on them. (F.e. aliens are after you, government is after you)


Schizophrenia also leads to a psychosis, but has organic reasons (too many neurotransmitters are being released, can be triggered by use of cannabis). There also are voices in your head judging you, telling you what to do and telling lies.

I already mentioned, that the official consensus sees every voice as a possible cause of psychosis. People with DID often get a psychosis, because the flood of opinions and conversations of the other identities is simply not manageable.


I can only assume what happens to a host and their Tulpa, if they develop a psychosis. Since your Tulpa is not you, it is very likely going to be a part of the psychosis, the only person who is going to really experience the psychosis is the host himself. The progression of the psychotic episode is probably going to be just like a normal one. (Even though even there are strong variations)

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Interesting. What kind of Schizo is it? Do you take any medication for it? How long have you had it? How old is your tupper?

Name: Philip

Age: (7 June, 2012)

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Name: Amalia

Age: (15 Dec, 2012)

Form: Female teenage fairy, black hair, blue eyes, white dress

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