ITT: We draw our tulpas

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Here's Jenna's current form. Sorry for the terrible quality webcam pic. We had just started forcing when I had an urge to go and draw her. We had been struggling a little trying to solidify her form, especially her face. Hopefully this drawing gives us a base to work off of. Obviously it's not quite done, still a little rough, hands are still skeletons, and there's no feet.





tulpa: Jenna

She's very young, but we're making great process. Getting close to clear communication now (still a ways away from vocality though)!

form: Not 100% yet, but at the moment she's a human girl of about 17 with red hair and a thin build.

I'm crazy excited to hear her first real words in her own voice!

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Drawing of my Tulpas I made on a tablet.



"Because sometimes the voices outside your head drive you mad, and the ones inside are keeping you sane."


Tulpa: Ansaki, Shade

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Currently the only one occupying my headspace is my fluffy dog daemon Aressian, but we're working on a new addition :3

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Alright... Quick three-hour sketch of Tetra. She approves.










1)Name: Tetra

Form: Gardevoir

Personality: Kind, friendly, strong-willed, likes Trance and Led Zeppelin

Stage: Formulating speech



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