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ITT: We draw our tulpas

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At last! I finally have a good drawing of Greyson to post here <3 ugh it took me hours, but even he said he was really happy with it :)




oh and obviously he's not just a floating head, we're still working on his outfit.

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One of tess and Cora, my satyr/fawn/thingy and magical cheshire cat creature. I'll admit cora's tail looks weird there but she is usually very close in anatomy to a regular cat unless she wants to change things up. And also Tess usually isn't that small, I just kinda drew her in her tiny chibi/imp form rather than her full humanoid stance.


The causal tulpamancer.

Tulpa - Tess(Complete tulpa), Cora


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Mira is still just a floating ball but this is how I imagine she may look like when she becomes a human


There's a reason scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue.

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Well since Fina decided to adopt these super cute eyebrow/mohawk tattoos, I decided now was as good a time as any to post a picture of her. Not the final design (we'll fiddle with them more most likely), but enough to make me squeal in a most undignified fashion.



Just me and Fi.


My Progress Report


What if we're just God's Tulpas?

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Currently working on a big lineup of my tups and one of my more common mindforms (in the center). All are Imgur links because I draw on massive canvases and save massive images.




From left to right:

Jasmine "Jazzie", Aurora Cygnus, Alt mindform, Eris, Danielle


Individual/Cropped images:

Jazzie - http://i.imgur.com/tJh3lM2.png

Rora - http://i.imgur.com/TLaigdv.png

Eris - http://i.imgur.com/mBzhJdW.png

Danielle - http://i.imgur.com/loVpjJX.png




Really rough sketch of Sarah - http://i.imgur.com/VDMbPgr.png

The original edgelord gone soft.

I have a guide, check it out here if you want:




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