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From day 1 (Beginners journal)

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Hello fellow tulpamancers!


I am from Germany and want to create a tulpa. I`ll write my everyday progress, ideas and background informations in here.

(please dont mind my bad grammar)

if you have any advice, tell me please.


i try to keep this as neutral and scientific as possible, so enjoy!



Discovered Tulpa.info


I start according to some newer guides to treat my tulpa as self-aware from the very beginning.

First session 22-23 o`clock , start with a"hello i am here and i want to create you" session.

I want to create Luna from Mlp:Fim.


First attempt at wonderland (big and detailed)failed(too big)

Setting up wonderland tomorrow.


Forcing done lying on the bed, before sleep.


Creation of wonderland.

13-14 o clock.

mindvision very unsteady, big gaps in between. 3d only for seconds.

Starting wonderland as windowless motel room, two beds one drawer and a door (for later extension)

one lamp at the top and a light switch at my bed.

registration on tulpa.info, join irc.

creating luna as flowing orb of energy, narrating a personality.


attempt forcing in school, but its too noisy.(i am no tibetan monk after all)

Only short forcing (30 minutes) because im too sleepy.

mindvision is more clear and lasts longer now. Began to shape lunas body with my mindhands.

a light ring suddenly appeared in the room, but i dont know why. also there sometimes appears a window and i dont kno why.

the bed changed its shape into a more old style. the bed has now a red color instead of wood.

forcing drains all my energy, my senses are getting numb too.

it is hard.

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Only a half hour today, apologized to luna for being such a lazy idiot. i hope she understands one day.

decided to wear a reminder (blue band) to remind me of passive forcing every minute possible.

met a person with preexisting tulpa on irc, really jealous now. visualizing seems to be getting easier every day.

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1 hour of forcing. wonderland suddenly has a kitchen now.

used another technique to concentrate. tomorrow i will try to make a big step

towards vocalisation, trying out symbols. but let tomorrow be tomorrow .

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Nice progress, it took me like two week to be able to hear Sakura's answers, haven't been in our wonderland for a while now, i prefer just narrating to her instead of visualizing, I'm lazy, anyways, good progress. :)

See ya! :cool:

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