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This stuff is golden. (Can one really acquire lucid dreaming with just keeping a dream diary? I never got into it simply because i don't like fucking with sleep too much but this method seems pretty nice and clean to me).


Yes. It's the most important part. Remembering your dreams is essential to learn before changing them. Changing them ("going lucid") is also somewhat unpredictable, even random; you can plant "cues" in your subconscious that essentially tell you to go lucid when you see them, and the more of these there are, it will increase the likelihood of going lucid but it's still ultimately random.


The more likely you are to remember your dreams, the more likely you are to remember the times you got lucky enough to get lucid during them. It's a pretty interesting look into your subconscious, the randomness of the environments and characters it generates are always pretty entertaining. I have a huge dream journal after a year or so of trying lucid dreaming and it's always fun to dip back into it when I'm bored. It's like reading directly from a computer's RAM: a little bit of everything that was ever processed will crop up, in no particular order and in unpredictable ways.


Also, this book sounds awesome, please post more of it. The presentation and "wizard" gimmick it's all wrapped up in just makes it a million times better. It's like a tongue in cheek version of The Secret.

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I'm definitely extremely impressed with the writing, mostly because of the presentation and because of the fact that is the only effing book I have ever found that talks about all of this stuff in the way that it does, and trust me, I've spent hours meticulously thumbing through libraries, different online indexes, et cetera, et cetera.


It's a good read, and if I were to have children in the future (or even want to), this would be a great way to explain some things. In fact, I might just use this to help my brother grasp the fact that his older brother isn't an occultist with satanic demons being summoned into my mind and my enemies nightmares. In fact, that stuff is just a hobby.


Joking aside though, I think that if anyone would ever need to explain these concepts in a way they seem to be unable to when speaking to the general person (and I personally suggest that you keep your tuppers to yourself in the first place) who isn't aware of the subjects at hand, it's a great resource.


Thanks for sharing it. I'm going to see if I can get my hands on a solid copy.

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Yeah if anyone here is able to get this book please scan it or whatever so others can read it as well. I wanna check this shit out.

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Well, I found it laying around again, so I attempted scanning it. I stopped for the night when I realized I was angling things a bit poorly and blurring some words.


Here are the first two chapters. Will expand, at some point.


Chapters 13, 14, 17, 19, 20, 21, and 22, are the only other chapters with a psychological basis. They go into relaxation techniques, memory improvement, dreams, wonderlands, tulpas, et cetera. The chapters in between are about the usual things you associate with magic, like astrology, numerology, and semi-wiccan practices such as imbuing objects with the elements. Chapter 2 was pretty magicy too, really, but I left it in because it's short and fun.

The above post does not contain facts.

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