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Sit them both down. Lock them in place. Give Tom half an hour, Then work on Wicker half an hour. Soften his attributes first, it'd take less time than totally restructuring. Then you'd be free to reforce him after finishing up with Tom, and he wouldn't be so bothersome meanwhile.

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Wicker was never forced to begin with; the first time I encountered him, he took Tom's place and hid him form me for at least two weeks.


Maybe he's not a tulpa, just some other identity? I mean how deep is his personality anyway? If you ask him a question and he answers honestly, would that be an answer that you expected or an unexpected one? Because if everything he says is either a lie or an expected answer based only on his deceiving nature, then he most likely is an impersonation of your concept of lie. What he actually besides that, I don't know. How do you get rid of it? Maybe you could try seeking the opposing one? The guy that always tells the truth and never changes? You would end up like that riddle of two guys and two doors, I think you know that. Well, I hope you know the solution for this riddle, then.

I'm brazilian and my english is not really good, I'll do every mistake you imagine, but I'll try to avoid them.


Tulpa: Kuruminha

Age: Began on the middle of october.

Form: My avatar.

Sentience: Confirmed.

Mindvoice: Not yet.

Working on: Visualization and Mindspeaking.

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I know of a tulpa who did this in the past and we are pretty close now. If you ever encounter a tulpa impersonating another tulpa, then talk with them about it. There is always a reason for why tulpa acts "badly", but it never is because the tulpa him/herself is "bad", so the problem can always be fixed. One of such reasons could lack of attention from your part or them being jealous of the other tulpa, but no matter what reason it is, it's always fixable (without killing them or hurting them somehow).

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Just a thought. I think the lack of control over seeing the tulpa is only escalating the sisuation. Maybe try summoning the tulpa purposefully every now and again. This should prove to your subconscious your in control of the thought.

"To think is to create."

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Thanks to all of those who posted; I've taken a lot of your advice and now Wicker is back with Tom and I. His time away combined with a bit of personality reformation has helped him understand that, if he wants my attention, the only person he should ever have to be is himself. Tom, who missed Wicker, is actually doing a lot better now that his old friend is around again.


I see that I made a pretty poor decision in ignoring Wicker; I'm still pretty new to this tulpa thang (started mid-october of last year) and have been learning purely through the forums and my own trial and error... It just sucks that my tuppers have to be the ones to suffer for my mistakes.


And I suppose that ends the thread :D

”Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” - Henry Ford

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