Strange effects of forcing.

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I would like to know if these effects are normal. Note, I am only 5 hours in

1. Constant headaches

2. Off-put internal clock

3. Strange dreams where you are being tortured by your favorite fictional characters

4. Strange itches



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1. You can get headaches. I did, and still do to some degree.

2. Not sure on this one.

3. Strange dreams in general, yes. I've noticed that I've had a lot more dreams lately, some even tulpa related.

4. Like physical itches? I don't think I've heard of forcing making people itchy before.


This thread might have some of the things you listed.

My Tulpa

And then it cuts to a scene where you're sitting in a padded cell.


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I totally get headaches sometimes, but not often...I noticed a lot of head pressure in the beginning or during/after crucial events. My internal clock isn't really off, but my sleep schedule is...more sporadic. Sometimes I'll find myself wanting to fall asleep around 3PM when I'm normally a 3AM type of guy. I also got a lot of weird muscle twitches and my thigh muscles tend to tighten during certain concentrations, but not too much anymore.


I don't have any strange dreams, but I AM dreaming a lot more. In the past year or two I haven't been dreaming (Noticeably) whereas when I was younger I'd dream almost every night. Now that I'm into tulpae, it's back to dreaming almost every night. I even had an Inception moment and had a dream within a dream the other night, it was weird =P One time I even saw one of my tulpa in a dream, but she was steeped in shadow just standing there, it was more like a silhouette of her than anything.


So...yea. Lotta weird stuff happens when you do this.

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Remembering more dreams? Happened to me too. Sounds like a side effect of the "meditation" aspect of tulpaforcing if you ask me; more aware of thoughts during the day, more aware of dreams during the night as well. Ability to fall asleep instantly counts too.

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1: At first, yes, but after a few months it seems I don't get head pressures anymore (they were a bitch, but I miss them :c)

2: Again, yes, but only at first. For a while it felt like time wasn't even a thing anymore, and everything was running together (fuckin' trippy maaan).

3: I wouldn't say that my dreams have been any stranger, but I most certainly have been remembering more of my dreams than I had before, and unlike 1 and 2, this seems to actually be happening more often.

4: No itchiness that I can recall! Perhaps dry skin? :p

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Headaches: Haven't had much. From what I've heard, there's ones from intense concentration, ones from changes in the brain, and ones intentionally caused by the tulpa. I don't try to force my concentration; I either have it or I don't, and when I don't, trying harder doesn't seem to help. I don't know about the brain-changes ones, but they only seem to happen to some people. As for tulpa-caused ones, my tulpae seem to be really against causing me pain.


Internal clock issues: This is pretty standard with meditation. You're sitting there for 20 minutes and it feels like 2 hours, or vise-versa. Either situation messes up your internal clock and you feel like it's earlier or later than it is.


Strange dreams: I don't know, I rarely remember mine, and they were pretty weird already.


Itches: Haven't got itches from *forcing*, but they often do set in when I start to deep-relax. Sometimes they're real itches, as in something brushing against a hair. But often they're just my brain messing with me. In the latter case, I can scratch them using my wonderland body, like imagining scratching it in as much detail as possible. This occasionally works on itches with physical origins as well, but less well if the thing causing the itch continues.

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