Things keep spinning when I force

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Or you can try going sarcastic and deliberately make it spin even harder.

Chloe - That cheerful girl with ponytail.

Aigis - The male cyborg that looks like raiden in MGR.

Vixen - Half dragon female who looks like Mary in DMC3 when in human form.

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Maybe then I could convert the spinning thing into a windmill blade! Clean energy for everyone!




As long as the windmill doesn't start spinning.

Name: Athena

Age: 6 1/2 Months

Appearance: Basically like this (Yes, she wanted to be a teenage Vanellope. It's a long story.)

Stage: Mind Voice/Minor vocal

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try looking at something, then closing your eyes, and visualizing what you saw, if shit starts getting fucked, open your eyes for a split second to fix the room. when your eyes close keep remembering the room and visualizing it. once you can get a stable room, where nothing spins or distorts, put your tulpa there.



Just gave up some hours at work. I need to have some relaxing time, and she needs the tulpaforcing.

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