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Reason for Creating a Tulpa

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    • I just feel alone and want someone (social)
    • I have a form of mental illness that might've affected my choice in the matter
    • I was curiost
    • I wanted help with a skill, trade, or training of sorts
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I created my tulpa as a means to success. She would be someone who drives me to push myself and succeed when perhaps I want to give up.


She is a guardian angel of sorts.

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Prepare for a post:


I am now 23 years of age. Growing up, I wasn't paid much attention because I have two younger siblings who my parents friggin adore. I was constantly on punishment due to acting out to get attention so around 13 - 14, I decided to create a whole family for myself that could control and ultimately, if I needed, would love me. It started out with Chrissa (the oldest), Erica and Shayna (twins second oldest), and Deon (their youngest brother). They are all siblings. I started out with them in my mind strictly. I then started creating a whole town for them which you can call their wonderland. I have no problems going back and forth between the real world and their wonderland. I actually would combine the two for some fun. Hey I needed the escape but I began maladaptive daydreaming. After about a year of pretty much just learning them all, I had become them. They grew, they were speaking to me and through me. Chrissa married Steven, Erica married James, Shayna to Devon, and Deon to Kira.


Chrissa is very special to me because of her daughter Jackie. I honestly made sure the birth of Jackie went smoothly in every way; She was born around age 16 for me and Chrissa, Steven, and I would go Borders (when they were in business) and read up on baby info. We were all prepared. I specifically remember crying when she was born and my mom asked me what was wrong. I just said nothing so she would go away but the emotion I felt was pretty overwhelming. Jackie is now a teenager who frequently takes possession, I love her to death. Her currently wonderland is something I impose constantly; if I'm not careful, I will stay in her town for hours. It's Jackie, her partner Clayton, her best friend Shaunice, Shaunice's partner Gerald, and another friend of hers Taylor.


I am recently just finding out what tulpaforcing is, I had never heard of the word tulpa before. When I found out what it was, I decided to create an all new tulpa who is named RachLynn (started as Rachel Lynn but she prefers RachLynn). I realized that I was very in touch with my mind because I was kind of used to imposing people's images. I noticed as well that as soon as I started to really focus on RachLynn, all of my other people went away. It bothered me because they have pretty much been with me all of my life. I had to struggle to get to a place where I could still allow their possession of me all while keeping RachLynn fully imposed. I made a post on here about it and someone suggested that I try and impose RachLynn into the wonderland I already have setup and have her interact with my current people. Worked like a charm! Taylor has taken quite a liking to RachLynn, I will honestly have to watch those two because Taylor is the spontaneous one of the group. RachLynn speaks on her own and appears without me really trying so the level of talking between them both is wow.


I originally created my tulpas because I needed to feel loved and at the same time have some control. I was always either longing for someone or having my things taken from me. I needed something that no one could take from me and that was my tulpas. It made my life way easier! RachLynn was created to see if I could really just create one but apparently that question was answered a long time ago. She a beautiful addition to the family!

My Tulpa: RachLynn


Special: I have many tulpas that I let possess me

(Jackie, Clayton, Shaunice, Gerald, and Taylor).

Jackie's mother and her family are very important to me,

they also sometimes possess me when they come back

to my mind! (Chrissa, Steven, Erica, James, Shayna, and Deon).

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I read a post on 4chan a little over a year ago about them on /b/. The guys there were making fun of the guys on /mlp/ and the tulpas, saying the guys were being stupid. I had no clue what they were commenting about, so I looked up tulpa on wikipedia. Didn't get much info, so I just did a general google search and found tulpa.info. Explored for a few days, my interest growing.


I then decided to make one. The exact reasons were a desire for companionship because my roommates had bailed on me, a desire to have a partner with learning languages because my buddies seem to have no desire to learn other languages, and to see if I could. The idea of making another sentience within my mind was intriguing. Possible improved memory, friendship and science? Hells yeah!

Me: Hey, say something for this thread!

Koharu: Yay, cupcakes!

mfw there are no cupcakes. Sentience? Yes. Brilliance? Ehh...

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My friend told me about tulpae in school. I got interested, so I did some research on it when I got home. After reading about all the things it can do (All the things that were discovered so far, anyway), I decided to try creating my own. Right now, I mostly want to have a tulpa to help me with school, but also to talk to when there's no one else to talk to. I feel like I'll find even more reasons in my time here on the forums, too.

"Don't listen to friends when the friend inside you says 'Do this.'" -Gandhi


Tulpa Name: Ellie

Created: 11/13/13

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