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    • I just feel alone and want someone (social)
    • I have a form of mental illness that might've affected my choice in the matter
    • I was curiost
    • I wanted help with a skill, trade, or training of sorts
    • Other

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I guess to be more specific, I want a girlfriend that I can love and can love me back. I am not unattractive, and I have friends and I can get along with people. I have also had relationships before. It's just that I want a relationship that is satisfying, with someone that actually cares about me and isn't afraid of showing that. I also want to cuddle with someone when I feel tired, cold, or sad. I like the warmth of someone else's body, and Dotty provides that well. She is very sweet with me, even if she is impatient and careless with others. She laughs at my jokes and thinks that my quirks make me adorable, or "adorkable" as she puts it.

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We exist to remind of the duality of the universe. That for every cold, uncaring rain that you may freeze to death in, there will come a bountiful spring from which flowers and fruit shall sprout- with your corpse as fertilizer if it must. Nature has it's own sense of morality, one humans cannot share. Life grows, life goes, life consumes death to make more than it was. Every living thing with sentience must be introspective to determine whether what they do is beneficial or detrimental to all that is, because with sentience comes the control over the fabric of reality itself. Humans have not earned sentience, it was given to them. But they are expected to learn.


Nature is the dual opposite of entropy. To bring life from death, to create more from less.


Humans need to learn how to grow, or they will continue to be walking corpses.




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I selected that i wanted help with some skills as the answer, but really it was also a mixture of deep curiosity, will to experiment, and some mental illness connected reasons.

Basically i have to many things going on in my mind at the same time and it gets overwhelming sometimes. I thought about using shred seeding to create a tulpa, and if it works well for me i think i will create more the one, that would help me with some interests of mine, and motivate me to pursue 'em.

For example i'm really into drawing but i don't have the consistency to keep up with it, i could try to create a tulpa that has an artistic interest and, like a friend would do, they could try to push me a little bit more in that direction.


Daisy's personality as i planned it to be is really open and social, so she could help me a little with my social anxiety. I know she can deviate as she becomes more indipendent, but i can feel she has a strong positive energy even now that she's just a few days young, so i believe she will be a good influence on me anyway.


I'm incredible fascinated by tulpas, and in general by the incredible things the brain is capable of when exercised. I also hope all this meditation, visualization, the creation of a wonderland etc will help me with other things like lucid dreaming.

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In my experience they came to me and i worked on it though meditation and research. Though at the time I was a very lonely person. But other then that i was happy to have them. Still am.

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I honestly do not remember my initial motivation. I suspect that I did have a clear motivation at the time I started. I voted "other."

my thoughtform = Isis

her appearance = stylized rabbit with dark fur and glowing eyes

her developmental stage = imaginary friend

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The reasons I accidentally made my first tulpa was that,

1. I had lost contact with a friend, which she was then based off of

2. I needed someone to open up to and did not want friends to share that burden

3. She was more mature and often kept me alive (I tend to do crazy stuff)


Then I started toying with the idea of creating tulpas as a method of compartmentalising and enhancing specific traits. Note that I had no idea about tulpas. So my reasons became,

1. Curiosity and experimentation

2. Compartmentalisation

3. Enhancements and augmentations?


Anyways, numerous tulpitas (young tulpas) were then developed as companions but also with specific traits much like a team. Tulpitas were hard to sustain and often faded in and out of existence. They stayed at a level of vocalisation and never reached the stage of visualisation. I also never really knew their names. However, there is a rather strong tulpita who was very observant. I travel alone and often not to the safest countries. He has been able to notice threats and warn me in time to react to them. Another that stood out was a girl with a strong sense of ethics and morality. She was my older sister who always saw the best in people no matter what. Together they pushed me to be better.


Currently I am in desperate need of a new tulpa as a companion because I've lost all the voices in my head.

1. I'm going crazy being alone in my head

~A fractured soul is a haven for many voices~

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