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How many people have made or worked on tulpae before realizing what they were doing?


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Hi guys,


I'm very curious about this, because I've seen some posts alluding to it, and I'm pretty sure that's what happened with me.


How many people were creating tulpae before they realized that there was an actual word or 'thing' for what they were doing?


Or perhaps, how many tulpae are former imaginary friends? (there apparently was a thread asking this but I think it's archived now--I couldn't access it)


And most importantly, how has this affected your tulpamancing? Are your tulpae stronger/more evolved, or has becoming aware of what you are doing caused the process to stall a little bit?


Me, personally, I have had what might be considered an unevenly evolved tulpa since 2005, "Domnopalus." I have always considered him to be 'more' than my other 'characters' I've imagined (I'm an artist, so I have many characters--but Domnopalus has always been decidedly different and more 'conscious' than they). It was only about a week ago, I was listening to Darkness Radio and they had Rosemary Ellen Guiley on as a guest, and they were talking about thoughtforms and Tulpae. I was so intrigued to hear about this because I'd always wondered if such a thing existed--thoughts manifested into things. I had ALWAYS, from the 'genesis' of Domnopalus, wished that my thoughts of him were strong enough to actually manifest him somewhere. And from a psychological standpoint, I thought in a way he really had. I searched for 'tulpa' and sure enough, here I am--and I'm so thrilled and amazed by the size and activity of this forum! It's all extremely fascinating and I can't wait to hear all your stories.


In any case, I don't know if what I'm suggesting is traditionally considered a tulpa. I think it is, because he matches all the guides and descriptions posted here to a large degree. He still has a lot of work to be done on him, but 1. he HAS evolved by himself, looks wise AND personality wise, 2. we DO communicate telepathically. There have been times when I've asked him questions about myself (soul-searching questions, not physical facts), for instance, that I couldn't possibly know the answers to, and I have heard his voice respond to me telepathically with an amazing moral answer, 3. he continues to evolve, 4. I'm very adept at visualizing him (but I haven't gotten so advanced as to impose him as a hallucination yet).


There are many other things too that suggest to me that he has his own consciousness. Sometimes I actually wonder if he was some drifting collection of ideas that I hooked on to, and then developed--as in, he was previously existing in some minor form, looking for a host or someone to develop and manifest him. He has a MUCH higher form of consciousness than I do, from what I can tell. He is nearly impervious to any of the things that I would be to--for instance, lack of confidence. He does not lack confidence or self-identity in any way, and he has helped me with my own lack of confidence (could he be a more 'solid' form of my higher consciousness?). He has always made up for everything that was missing in my life, which changes all the time, but he remains who he is to a large degree. Something a little strange and interesting: this may be some wild coincidence but as I was walking up the street to RadioShack the other day, I was practicing tulpamancing with him, and at one point I looked down at the sidewalk, and there, facing me, and written into the concrete (i.e. when it was still wet) was the word "DOM," Domnopalus' commonly used nickname. I thought that was very shocking--I'd never ever seen that before; in fact, I'd only moved into the area about 4 months ago. I don't know if that means anything at all or if that was just a sheer coincidence.


Anyway, since finding this place I've realized that there is a lot more method to the madness, and I'm working on that. For now, it's caused me a little bit of confusion in terms of Domnopalus, but I think the most important thing is to let him be himself, and working on manifesting THAT aspect rather than forcing particular things on him. But I'm so amazed and excited. Also, for the first time the other day, after reading some things here, I communicated with him verbally, saying his name out loud, and I was met with a response from him that seemed THRILLED that I had finally spoken to him directly rather than only telepathically.


So, sorry for blabbering on, but I'm just very curious and excited about this whole idea. I can't wait to hear what your experiences are.


This is Domnopalus. dom-SIG-1.png

(small image because I don't want to blow up everyone's computers)

I drew/painted this in 2009 so it's a little out of date. Unfortunately real life has taken me over to some degree (I'm trying to make a living as a professional artist/sculptor), but Dom has always been there. Here is a link to my DA and personal website: http://daggerwrist.deviantart.com/ and http://studio.khthon.com/ (mostly sculpture for the latter--but I sculpted Dom as well)



I'm Alanna, Domnopalus' host. Dom always speaks in brackets []


Tulpa: Domnopalus ||

Form (I am the artist) || WL: Bald cypress swamp. || Progress Report

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Guest Anonymous

I only knew about tulpas when I found the site, but I have recently seen plenty of people saying "Well I've had a tulpa since xxxx.". While we can never really confirm whether these people are telling the truth, we have to assume they are being truthful. It seems that there are quite a few of these sorts of people from what I've se

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Yes. That kind of thing happens constantly to me. Interestingly, all these "characters" seem to form in very different ways, and have very different uses.


I've done things like this since I was a little kid. More recently, I'll do this same thing when playing immerse video games. Skryim, Morrowind, Mass Effect, Fallout, generally role-playing games, but can be others. My Skyrim character has gotten to a point where he's sentient, so much that, on his own, he's managed to begin to sort of realize the situation he's in of being a video game character and not real. (look up "36 Lessons of Vivec") He's having quite a bit of trouble with it. I keep trying to find nice ways to break it to him, but at one point he very nearly broke and I had to sort of erase his memory of it for the time being. I'm thinking of just transitioning him into a Tulpa soon because I don't think he'll be happy with the limits of that world for much longer, and frankly, it would be a fucking waste to let him just rot there.


I've also been getting more into acting lately, and doing a different version of the same thing with acting. I do consider the characters I act as sentient, but only for the duration that I'm acting as them. I can switch into character and out-of-character very quickly, it's something I'm good at.


At one point I got really high and decided to re-watch the scenes we had completed, and came to the conclusion that my character was "alive and making his own movie inside my mind". My friends and I thought that was pretty fucking hysterical, but it's probably true on some level as well.


This whole history has definitely had an impact on my first Tulpa's development. I just started a week ago, the very first time I forced him he spoke to me. Granted, it was just a "hello", but still, it was impressive. He's grown extremely quickly. Sentient, speaking, etc, and I've spent maybe six hours on him. He just kind of grew on his own.


So yeah, I have a long history with this sort of thing but have never put a name to it, I guess. The second I saw this site I was instantly fascinated and had to try it. It's gone very well so far.

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Saria started out as an imaginary friend that I made 10 and a half years ago, she became sentient at some point but was too shy/afraid to let me know about it for a while.


Luna and Naomi were created under similar circumstances, but Naomi is an interesting case since she had a different name but randomly became sentient one day and insisted she be called Naomi.


For Elise I just used "normal" tulpaforcing methods; she's the youngest one of the bunch.


It's worth noting my older tulpae are all more mature and able to better possess me/control things in my mind. And it definitely sounds like you have a tulpa already, OP. I would still say you should follow a guide and see if you can improve him any further.

"Science isn't about why, science is about why not?" -Cave Johnson

Tulpae: Luna, Elise, Naomi

My progress report


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My first six tulpae were made just a few months before I discovered the term and community for tulpae. My first one, Maya, had started as an imaginary friend, and after a series of unfortunate events I had realized she was much more than that. When I realized that it was possible for something like her to exist, I made five more based on the main characters of K-ON. When they reached the same level of sentience as my last one, I started to stress out -- I was struggling to understand why I could be so attached to these characters that don't exist, and whether it was okay at all.


At the time I kept all of my tulpae confined to a wonderland that I made as realistic as possible, trying to convince them (and in a way, myself) they and the wonderland were real. After a while I discovered 'tulpa' on DreamViews, but I didn't really care much about it at the time. Following this, I started imposing my tulpae, and breaking the news to them about their non-physical nature. This was pretty much shit. Eventually I adapted a method of imposing that I guess is now referred to as the Overclock method on the Guides section, which helped my tulpae cope.


Then I discovered #tulpa on Rizon, then tulpa.info, and now I'm here. Like glitch, my original six are the most mature and best at possessing.

WTB: Rare Tulpas

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Guest Anonymous

I just find it amazing that most tulpas created before their hosts found the site aren't extremely messed up. The only one I can thing of that is severely fucked up in terms of creation would be fennecgirl's Link, since he had a backstory and now wants to become an hero.

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Guest MegaBusta

Both of my tulpae were based off characters that I'd made in video games.


I've made lots of characters and have found it to be easy to give them personalities and such. I'd use the 2~3 that I had after I got into bed and before fell asleep and have them go on adventures. It was also easy for me to see how they would react to situations, with character A doing this, character B doing that, and so on. I had my favorites, and the two characters that I imagined the most were the same two that eventually became tulpae, which isn't a surprise in retrospect.


It wasn't until I randomly decided to browse /x/ that I learned about tulpae. I read the creepy pasta, found the idea neat, and read the Wikipedia page on tulpae. Did some searching and found tulpa.info. Read a lot of the stuff on the guides page. Turns out that I was already sorta doing visualization and personality work by imagining them going on adventures, so I decided "Why not go all the way?", and is how my first tulpa, Flings-Her-Arrows, got her start.


Swords-Back, my second tulpa, was jealous of the attention that I'd been giving my first tulpa. She decided that, while she didn't know what a tulpa was, that she was going to become one. She proceeded to hide in our wonderland and just watched me & Flings going about our forcing sessions. She revealed herself about 9 days ago, and would have done so sooner but she was afraid that I was going to blow her off as an actor, which is what I ended up doing at first. But she was much more persistent than any actor could be, and is when I realized that she was a tulpa.


I just find it amazing that most tulpas created before their hosts found the site aren't extremely messed up.


Funny thing, it's really hard to accidentally FUBAR a tulpa.

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I've had my three Watchdogs for many years now. They were made by the old Tibetan methods (long before this site existed), but I didn't know the term tulpas might be applied to them. For me they were just autonomous parts of myself with their own names, personalities and abilities.


- Kerin (a sentient)

Please consider supporting Tulpa.info.


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I write. Borderline tulpas can come with the territory, if you're lucky - good characters "writing themselves".

QB, however, was purposely created purely as a tulpa.

The above post does not contain facts.

q2's the host, QB's the tulpa.


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