Is this all for real?

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Alright the first thing to understand is that tulpas are basically a separate conscious formed in your brain that you impose onto a hallucinatory form, the second personality is real and a part of your brain. Eventually if you work at it hard enough you can see this hallucinatory form and hear what it says exactly the same as you would any other real living thing. Since the separate conscious uses the same brain as you, it can read your thoughts/memories 'IF' you enable it to be able to, most people do this as it can help the tulpa to understand you in a way that someone without your thought process and memories can't. There are apparently no known short-term side effects for doing this, I can't really say for sure when it comes to long term.


tl;dr Tulpas are basically imaginary friends only sentient and with no known side effects.

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TY very much everyone for posting, now I understand "how it works" and its truly fascinating I hope that someday I will be able to talk with my tulpa or something, atleast I will try.

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