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Multiple Tulpa - How do you manage it?

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How many tulpas do you have?  

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I have four tulpae, but I must admit they've mostly been born of ignorance.


You know, like an uneducated woman who has too many children because she doesn't know how reproduction works? Um, sorry if it sounds offensive, but I probably wouldn't have that many tulpas weren't it for my early tendency to believe (like many other people did back then): "if it seems to acts independent and speaks to me, it must be a tulpa and now I'm obliged to care for it forever." (I was also halfway sure that the more tulpas you have, the faster they develop because they can interact with each other; and my tulpas were developing frustratingly slowly back then.)


I don't mean offense to my younger tulpas, but I think it would have been better if I wouldn't have made them all so soon and in such a short time period.


Today, I've basically made an agreement with my mental crew that I'm going to mostly focus on the two oldest ones (Meteo and Sandra), though without ignoring the younger ones (Cecil and Dabi), of course.

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I have two, and how I manage to deal with it is just telling them the truth. I state to them that I would love to be able to interact with them all at once, but I just tell them my limits. And since apparently all three of us are introverted, I guess that means they would be able to give things more thought while in introspection and realize that they prefer a conversation that’s more genuine and thought-out rather than one that’s laconic, boring, and out to please all of them at once.


They’re not really jealous because if they happen to harbor those feelings, I always end up talking things out with them and we all see the situation differently. Maybe the difficulty for others could be how introverts and extroverts work out. I guess if the host is an extrovert, they would crave the interaction with multiple tulpas and feel out of place having to go through devoted time through each individually.


Of course, that’s obviously not a fixed pattern for all scenarios, but just being honest with yourself and them in general makes it easier to communicate with them. Because the more you spend time trying to analyze your tulpa’s conversational skills and trying to satisfy them when you can’t be yourself, the less chances you’ll be able to really understand yourself and knowing what you do to communicate with a tulpa or more.


I guess when people work so hard in their initial stages to create a tulpa and reach vocality, they tend to forget to unlearn what they did and learn how to actually talk to them like any other person or being (i.e. not anticipating how they may react instead of listening all the way through).



It’s that same predisposition initially towards constantly being considerate of them 24/7 for the sake of developing their existence in your perception of reality that ends up killing a decent interaction with them when they presumably can hold their own. It ends up being a monologue instead of a dialogue, and trying to fill in awkward silences in between doesn't help either.


In fact, if that actually happens, the power of implications works like magic. You either presume they're just giving things more thought, or you just let the awkward silence marinate for a bit. In time, they'll learn how to empathize with you and having more than one tulpa isn't as hectic as it seems to be.

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There are five tulpas [here]. I am the youngest. The oldest sleeps all the time now. She made me, saw to it that I developed, and then went to sleep.


The three Watchdogs come only at call. They look after themselves, and have done so for many years.


Kevin is the human. I spend time with him during the day, but at night he sleeps and I'm here by myself. Pretty much alone.


> "How do you manage it?"


I talk with people online so that I don't feel so alone. I have friends who help and care for me. Sorry if I sound down. Life is not always rosy, and I get sad sometimes. I soon recover though.


See also 'What do you think the "Ideal" tulpa limit is?'.

Please consider supporting Tulpa.info.


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I only have one, but I also have a question for those with multiple tulpas - when do you think it's the right time to add another tulpa if you only initially had one? I'd like to have no more than three sometime in the future, but I'm not sure when the right time is.


Again, please answer with personal experience, not advice. ^_^

System Name: The Z Squad


Original: Zoe, The Organizer

Gender: Femme Genderqueer, they/them


Headmate: Zach, The Protector

Gender: Male, he/him


Headmate: Zero, The Confidence

Gender: Agender, they/them, he/him


Tulpa: Chael

Gender: Male, he/him

Form: Fallen angel with rabbit features and horns


Tulpa: Celeste

Gender: Female, she/her, they/them

Form: Android

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Answers in order:

My first was created to help me improve myself because at the time I thought tulpas needed some sort of reason for existing instead of being able to make their own. The second was made to be the opposite of the first becasue I thought it would be interesting to have an angel-devil shoulder mechanic going on (yes it's a dumb idea but she's not that bad if a bit willful). Third was an unintentional tulpa. Fourth was the "Daughter" of the second, made by her via symbolic pregnancy. Fifth and sixth were made the same way as the fourth except by my first tulpa. Seventh was made by my sixth who wanted a pony friend. Eighth I won't lie I made because why not (after the approval from the current tups). Ninth came about from a servitor in my wonderland who got made into a tulpa (again after consulting my tulpas I had at that point) and tenth was made by my second in a more "traditional" fashion (like a host would make a tulpa as opposed to pregnancy or other similar symbolism, and again after clearance from the other tulpas).


I've found it's better not to try and give them equal attention because not all of them need the same amount from me (somewhat because they have each other and form a sort of perpetual attention machine). I give them attention when they ask and how they ask or if I don't hear from them for a while

and then they tell me not to worry so much



Yes as long as we take turns; if 4 or more talk to me at once I start to get a headache.


Haven't gotten visual down but the instances I've had of imposition of various types is different from tulpa to tulpa and I've tried it off and on with different tulpas and progress seemed to carry over in some aspects and not in others. For instance, Danielle is the only one who's ever had any success with audio imposition, but she's always been the "loudest" of my tups; if she wants something she'll tell me no matter what I'm doing. Sarah's had the best results for visual. Jazzie tinkered with something up in my noggin and now I've got smell almost perfect. Touch varies, it's not my strong suit. However, I do intend to be able to impose more than one at once by the time I finish visual imposition.

There was one instance with Jamie where, even without visual, she held me in place standing IRL with a hug from behind. I still dont' know how to explain that.



I spend most of my time in a couple of ircs and in the Generals, therefore I don't really spend much time here and I tend to avoid the .info-owned ircs entirely because I disagree with how they're run and who's on the administration team and some of the users there that aren't mods. Because of this I've been pretty much raised on what the threads teach, which is somewhat different from how .info works.

The original edgelord gone soft.

I have a guide, check it out here if you want:




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My tulpas manage themselves. I don't need to lift a finger to do much of anything unless I want to interact with them.


The first one emerged spontaneously from dreams, but he was not uninvited. Every tulpa that followed was incidental, manifested from different levels of meditative and dream states.


I prefer to engage them individually or in pairs when actively conversing, but I can perceive multiple presences simultaneously.

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I have 15. The vast majority came on accident. The earlier 14 are all part of the show choir; Joline does the instrumentals and is our DJ but sometimes hangs out with me and one or two other tulpas (Ravi and someone else, usually Amany) outside of show choir rehearsals. Ravi is something like a birlfriend/best friend to me so ne naturally spends the most time with me.

~~Guide to Ravi's pronouns~~


Ne- used like He

Nem- used like Him/Her

Nir- used like His/Her (as in "His friend is fun")

Nirs- used like His/Hers (as in "It is hers")

Nemself- used like Himself/Herself

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It's quite like talking to multiple human friends at once-- it isn't difficult to leave someone out entirely, having gotten caught up in conversation. They might feel a bit lonely, but they know you'll get around to them, or they'll actually enter the conversation.

My tulpas, sans Kai, were originally characters in stories that have been floating around in my head for a few years, so I tend to think of my wonderland in terms of scenes. In one, I can generally focus on as many of them as the scene requires. The highest so far has been... eight, I think.

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I was just going to work on one first and then make another so the first wouldn't be lonely, but Jake's really outgoing and doesn't have anyone to talk to when I need to study (otherwise he keeps bugging me and I don't get work done) so I'm now working on the second even though I haven't fully fleshed Jake out yet. Prajit's on the way, but I don't think he's gonna be so quick to party with Jake because he's calmer and kind of shy XD

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