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[Game] The next person who posts will be...

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Guest Anonymous


That's about as possible as a tulpa kicking you out when you're in control.

Fuliam, who wrote a guide on switching, on how to kick a tulpa out of control when switched, so it's possible for your tulpa to keep you locked in I guess, but that wouldn't be stuck, that would be imprisoned.

I was thinking more along the lines of "Ohshitohshit help! We switched and we can't get back, we tried for 3 days now!"

(I was thinking about an alternative way to switch that would be a progressive switching over the course of several days, maybe you could need a few days to get back if using that method)


The next person has dental braces and hates them.

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I have PERFECT (not really) teeth!


The next person has been threatened with braces their entire life, but somehow has avoided them due to him actually NOT NEEDING them.

"DUDE! That's wrong! You don't do that! That's like giving a kid a knife and telling him that it's a neck massager!"

Shameless self promotion!

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Guest Anonymous

Would be nice -.- (whatever, I'm finally getting rid of them in a month or so).

That's the second time you ninja me today, Xeare.


A friend of mine knows about Lea, but we don't really talk about tulpas since he stopped working on his.


The next person knows.

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Guest Anonymous

I know everything. I have access to google.


The next person can't access the pirate bay because it's blocked in their country. (and knows how to use TOR)

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