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[Game] The next person who posts will be...


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No, I’m the only one!


The next poster has said the phrase “yogurt cannon” at least once within the past six months

I’m Couguhl‘s tulpa! [his words are in quotes]



“Now I know why they have [self-]bans!” -Me

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Umm... nope and I don't even know what it means lol.

The next poster used to have lewd thoughts at least once a day when they were a teen. (I dunno what I'm doing lol)

S: = Sasha

Aly: = Alyssu

Hada: = Hadayaki

Z: = Zakiel

A: = Alex

Zen: = Zen

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True, though I was half-tempted to wait 21 more months to prove it false.


The next poster is highly caffeinated.

🐍Typhon (tulpa) & Echidna (host)🐉

Two in me, we can see who we are

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Nah, excess caffeine messes with our heart :/ I'm staying up the old-fashioned way, insomnia 


the next poster will be from a multiple-origins system 



The Game

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2 hours ago, Legion Clan said:

The next poster is LGBTQ+


I'm lesbian. My headmate is non-binary gender.


The next poster loves chocolate.

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