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Guest DeviUnmei

User Name:DeviUnmei

Tulpa Name:Devilynn

Tulpa Appearance:

Tulpa Pose: Not sure.

Other information: Would be awesome if you can have him holding a Scythe since he is a reaper. He is 5'3 in height and he wears all black, His coat goes long in the back. Like in the picture his coat has fur on the hood. Wears black pants and black boots.

Tulpa personality Hyper, chaotic and sadistic. Also a narisist.


Tulpa Name: Reddy

Tulpa Appearance:

Tulpa Pose: Not sure.

Other Information: His height is child height not sure how tall that would be, he is small like a 5 year old.

Tulpa personality: Cute and shy.

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Guest Albatross_

Albatross: do you mind if all the people sit or are positioned around your... 'rock tulpa' (I have no idea if Albatross is trolling or not, shoot me)


No, that's perfectly alright. Richard is kind of an attention-whore, that'll suit him just fine.


Alba bes' be trolling.


He has no tulpa.



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Since I just checked this thread again and you want a repost in a format for convenience, here. Ignore the first picture I used on page 6 or so, it's terrible in retrospect. It's a wall of text but here. First submission was Feb 26th.


User Name: Chao

Tulpa Name: Ayako

Tulpa Appearance: She's a 21 year-old Japanese girl in a light blue sweater with a medium-length red or green dress or skirt (Not a miniskirt, mind you). Brown eyes. Cat ears and tail matching her hair color.

Tulpa Appearance (Hair Only): Straight, noncurly dark brown hair. The back is up in a hairband in kind of a spiral bun where the hair forms a sort of pinwheel bit that pokes out of the band, it's not a round and smooth bun. Refer to picture 1 (No bottom bun). You can see just a little bit of pokey pinwheel hair usually from the top-left side (My top-left, her-top right) when looking from the front, and it's banded in the center of the back of her head, not a sidebun if that makes sense. The hairband blends in with her dark brown hair. For the front, it's parted just like image 2 but more down-left and shorten the bangs about 2 inches. The hair that hangs where it parts on the right side (Her left, my right) should be thinner and more horizontally slanted as it's shorter than in image 2. When debanded and hair down (Which is usually never) it's a few inches below her shoulders so you can judge banding length and how far it needs to be pulled and folded that way. It's also important to note that her hair towards the top-front that is pulled back is banded loose enough so a little hair hangs in an arc back and banded far enough back (Bit more than image 2) for the front to retain a part unlike a straight-back ponytail. I don't fucking know how girlhair works. Enjoy your badly-phrased paragraph.

Tulpa Pose: I don't know, something cute. She's cute, happy and easily agreeable (With me anyway, little bit timid sometimes though). Nothing provocative.

Other information: She's about 5'10". Bra size C.

Reference Pictures: Reference for hair only 1, 2.

Tulpa personality (only for those who don't have a designated pose): See pose


I am so sorry about the wall of text for the hair. I hope to fuck it's understandable. It's really hard to describe for me.


EDIT: Literally the day after I post this and she says it's fine she changes her hair for once in a couple years. Just do what you want. Similar to what I described, though, please. It hasn't changed much, just the back is now smoothly banded into a ponytail/bun/thing.


EDIT2: And now she is a catgirl. Same, human form (No retarded furry nose, I hate those), just with brown cat ears and tail.

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[EDIT: User name: (King)Jick. If you're putting hosts in as well, then an anonguy with a crown (to differentiate) is fine.]


Tulpa Name: Twi

Tulpa Appearance: filly version of TS from the show. Huge ears; no wings.

Tulpa Pose: Sitting cat-style, perferably, reading a book.

Other Information: About a foot and a half tall.

Tulpa personality: Reserved, thoughtful.


Tulpa Name: Dash

Tulpa Appearance: filly version of RD, pretty much like my avatar.

Tulpa Pose: Hovering over Twi's shoulder, reading with her.

Other Information: Slightly larger than Twi.

Tulpa personality: "Bouncy" is what she's just told me to write...


Tulpa Name: Scoots

Tulpa Appearance: Scootaloo from the show; one navy and one sky streak in her mane. Massive eyes.

Tulpa Pose: Clinging onto Dash's back, looking over her shoulder - maybe waving, buzzing her wings or something.

Other Information: About a foot tall.

Tulpa personality: Curious, naive.

[align=center]Jick Twi Dash Scoots

9/2/95 3/10/12 9/10/12 28/1/13[/align]

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Mmk. It'll be here tomorrow sometime because I won't be able to get on a computer tonight, and then I have school tomorrow, and then I'll PROBABLY have homework, and then I probably won't be able to scan the sketch until tomorrow night, so yep. Sorry for that! And, if you want to ask how I'm posting, I'm on my kindle fire, which CAN'T take pictures sadly. So yep...

And that's how I ended up in this padded cell


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Guest Anonymous

Take the time you need and dont stress :)


"Man I'm excited"

Me too Mika... me too...

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please remove anything i posted and inser yuno gasai with a scissor in her had instead. like in this picture right here:


Ayo grill how you be?

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