Head-pressure and creation times:

How severe did your headpressure get at the beginning of forcing.  

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  1. 1. How severe did your headpressure get at the beginning of forcing.

    • No head pressure.
    • Slight/ barely noticeable headpressure
    • moderate head-pressure (by which I mean it's not uncomfortable, but rather just noticeably there).
    • Somewhat severe headpressure.
    • Nausea.

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1) First forcing session I got head pressure thirty minutes in. Non painful, just pressure. After that each session gave me head pressure the moment I started to think about him. Sometimes even when not forcing.


2) Uh maybe 30 minutes a day, but we narrate all the time.


3) Movements honestly started happening a few weeks in, but I often dismissed it as puppeting and tried to force him still. After I learned that was a bad idea and cut ties with puppeting, he moved nonstop and was extremely active. That was about a month in. Fully vocal didn't happen until about 3-4 months in I don't think.


4) Creation process was entirely active forcing. Going to the wonderland, visualizing personality cores while personality forcing, narrating in the wonderland, etc. Now it's primarily passive, but we are working on becoming better about active forcing. Mostly it was about me learning how to hear/see him than working on strengthening him!


I also encouraged head pressure, it was our first method of communication. And to be honest we didn't rush the process too much.



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1) No head-pressure in the beginning. Slight head-pressure every once in a while. Also, no headaches, ever.


2) 1 hour/day. Narration all day long.


3) Cannot recall, sorry. Not vocal yet.


4) Sit and talk to my tulpa in our wonderland. Personality forcing thus far. The head-pressure usually comes when I tell her to concentrate.


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1) Moderate head pressure. I encourage it; let's me know she's truly there.

2) Narrate all day long. Try and force imposition whenever possible.

3) Not vocal yet.

4) Thus far, narration and personality forcing. Also attempting to view her in wonderland.


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1: I have no head pressure

2: I spend 30 minutes (about) a day talking to him, but about five times of 6 minutes, and a little more visualization

3: I have Jill since 4 days, and already I feel emotions of happiness (she is happy and kind) and tingling painful (but strangely pleasant) when I get angry (she is irritable, and I have never felt his tingling before (NEVER))

4: I talk to him about something interesting when it goes through my head, and I imagine him trying to intrude on me or react more or less logically

P.S : Sorry, I use a translator


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